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Archive March 2019

How to Enable Scan to HP Computer

HP Customer Support Number

An image scanner, sometimes simply referred to as a scanner, converts pictures and documents into a digital image. It is very convenient when you want quickly share information or digitally upload a file to your system. Although most printers and scanner are compatible with many devices sometimes there may be software or technical issues that prevent devices from scanning. Setting up a new printer on your HP computer can be tricky, and you may need to call the HP Tech Support Phone Number for technical assistance.

One of the biggest plus points of scanning is that you can save digital copies of all your important documents and keep them safe on your computer. But if you have not installed the scanner or printer correctly your HP computer may not recognize the device and you will not be able to scan the documents or images you want. But don’t worry here are some simple suggestions on how to enable scan on your HP computer.

Steps to enable scan to HP computers

Although it is quite easy to scan documents or images to a computer there are certain settings and system requirements that need to be in place before you can enable scan to HP computers. You should also make sure all the connecting cables between the printer and the scanner are secure. Once this is done, here are some steps you can follow to activate scan to computers on your HP device:

  • Depending on the scanner you are using, certify if all the system requirements are in place.
  • Go to the official product website, enter the scanner/printer model number and download the full feature driver for the printer.
  • When the file is downloaded double-click and install it on your system
  • Follow the prompts and setup instructions given on the screen to connect the printer and scanner.
  • When the prompt appears requesting which software to install, select HP Scan
  • Complete the installation by clicking on ‘Finish
  • Now click on the printer icon on your desktop, which will take you to the HP printer Assistance page
  • Go to the Scan menu and select ‘Manage Scan to Computer’. Click ‘Enable’ if the option is disabled.
  • You must remember to checkmark the prompt asking to ‘Automatically start Scan to Computer when I log on to Windows’.

If you could not complete any of the steps mentioned above you should Contact HP Support Number to resolve any issue. You can speak to a trained expert who is available 24 hours a day to provide you with quality technical assistance whenever you need it.

Reset Default Admin Password for Dell Printer

Dell Customer Support Number

How to Reset the Default Admin Password for Dell Printer

Dell is one of the most popular printer companies in the world. When you first get your Dell printer you should know that it comes with certain default settings and user detail already in place. As you begin installing and setting up your printer you can change the settings and password information based on your personal preferences. This article will guide you on how to reset the default admin and password settings for your Dell Printer. And of course, if you want more information on how to set up your Dell printer you can always call the Dell Tech Support Number and speak to a trained technician who can provide additional assistance.

Where to find the Admin Password for Dell Printer?

Dell users will be able to find their username and password information in the online Users Guide. This Users Guide is normally installed whenever you install the Dell printer drivers. To check the Users Guide you can go to ‘All Programs’, select the Dell printer model you are using and click on ‘User’s Guide’. Search for the Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool entry in the table of contents to find your password. In case your or someone else has changed the password or the password is lost or forgotten you will have to first recover the factory default password in order to reset it.

Dell factory default password                                                     

Users should note that the Dell username cannot be changed and will remain as ‘Admin’. Usually, the factory default password is given as ‘password’ and can be changed through the Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool. You just need to run the tool and click on the Set Password link and create a new password. If you want to change the admin password for your Dell computer you have to know what the old password was. In case you do not know the old password you can follow the steps given below to recover the factory default password and then proceed to reset the default admin on your Dell printer.

Steps to recover the factory default password:

Before you begin you should know that the procedure given below will automatically remove all the customized network settings related to your Dell printer. Hence, before implementing these steps, Dell recommends you take a print out of the current Printer Settings and Panel Settings reports so that you do not lose any data. Once you have the print out complete the given steps in the correct order:

  • Step 1: Press MENU on your Dell printer.
  • Step 2: Click up and down arrows until you see ‘Configure’
  • Step 3: When ‘Configure’ appears onscreen press ‘Enter’.
  • Step 4: In the same way press the arrow until Networkis displayed
  • Step 5: And again press the arrows until you see ‘Init NVRAM’
  • Step 6: Press ‘Enter’ after these options appear
  • Step 7: When you see a message that displays ‘Init NVRAM Are you sure?’ click Enter

You should be able to see a display message that reads ‘Initializing’, ‘Initialized’, and then ‘Restart Printer’. Then just turn off the Dell printer for about 5 seconds and switch it back on. If you have any trouble resetting the admin password you can always call the Dell Printer tech support number and ask for additional tech support.

Dell computer Error Code 0142

Dell Customer Support Number

Dell is easily one of the most recognized brands in the world of computer hardware and technology. In spite of the quality of the hardware and software designed by Dell, users will occasionally encounter errors in Dell products that they may not be able to solve. Since most people who use Dell lack the technical knowledge need to fix complex errors, the best thing is to call the Dell customer care number and consult a trained technician to get a clearer idea. At the same time, it also helps to read up as much as possible on the different Dell error codes so that you can avoid them in the future. This article deals with one such error, Dell computer error code 0142 and also provide Dell Customer Service Number. If you are a Dell user you will probably recognize error code 0142 because it is perhaps one of the most frustrating error you can encounter while using your Dell computer. This particular error code is related to a possible malfunction in your hard disk

What is Error Code 0142? What are the causes?

This is seen as one of the most frustrating error mainly because it occurs without any warning. You could be calmly browsing the internet, streaming a video or listening to some music when you suddenly see a pop-up indicating error 0142. The problem is you will not be able to continue using your system if you do not resolve the error first. Although it is mainly related to your hard-drive, it is still quite difficult to say for sure that there is just one reason behind this problem. Regardless of its cause, users must not take this error lightly since it can permanently damage your hard drive and you could lose valuable data in the process.

Steps to fix Dell computer Error Code 0142

This error code often appears with the message “Drive Self-Test Failed”. You can follow the steps given below to try and resolve the error so that you can continue using your Dell computer:

  • Step 1: Close all the programs that are running and reboot your Dell computer
  • Step 2: When the Dell computer comes on, run a comprehensive scan of the system
  • Step 3: Review the Windows Registry and repair any missing or damaged files
  • Step 4: If you are aware of the correct steps involved you can go ahead and reset the BIOS

If you still see the error even after resetting the BIOS then that means the problem is more serious. You can call the Dell tech support number and ask a trained professional for additional tech support to troubleshoot the problem. If will find that Dell experts are available 24 hours day to give you the best solution possible so that you can fix Dell error code 0142 and carry on with your work.

Fix AT&T Error Codes and Messages

AT&T Email Support Number

AT&T is one of the most famous and largest telecommunications companies in the world. The company offers a wide variety of services from the internet and network connections to mobile telephone services. However, AT&T services do not always function smoothly and users may receive error codes and messages that they may not understand. This article will give an insight into the most common error codes you are likely to encounter while using AT&T services. You can also Contact AT&T customer care number if you see a message or code and you are not sure about how to resolve it.

Internet and Cable Services: A stable internet and cable connection is your gateway to explore the virtual world. Users have a variety of cable and internet plans and service providers to choose from based on their need and their budget. The popularity and convenience of internet services has grown over the last couple of years. so much so that it is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine life without the internet.

The speciality about AT&T: Just to give you an idea about the company, AT&T is known as a conglomerate company with operations all over the world. The company is headquartered in Texas, US. Apart from being the largest telecommunications company, AT&T is also the second largest mobile telephone service provider across the globe. These services from AT&T are responsible for connecting millions of users in different countries.

Different errors encountered while using AT&T services: Since communication and tech services are used every day, and since so much information is sent back and forth across networks, it is understandable that once in a while your AT&T service may experience errors that can disrupt the service. Here are just a few common AT&T service errors:

“No signal” or Black, Blue, or Gray Screen Errors: The most familiar error that any AT&T user can relate to is the “No Signal” message on your screen. Sometimes instead of the message users may just see a blank screen that is grey, blue or black in colour. There could be a combination of causes behind this sort of error, most of them minor technical issues which you can resolve by calling the AT&T customer support number.

Error Code 749Error Code 749 is another recurrent error which indicates that your cable connection encountered a multi-switch problem. If you see this error you should manually check if the AT&T cable is connected securely. If this cable problem occurs frequently you can contact customer care for a better idea about a permanent solution.

Other Common Error Codes for AT&T Email Tech Support Services:

  • Launch Empty Response
  • Error ‘O3Farm’
  • 421 Failure in DNS lookup
  • Temporary Error 17
  • Launch FFC-1

The main culprit behind these errors is the fact that there is heavy traffic on your AT&T network. The easiest way to fix minor technical errors on your AT&T account is to sign out from all your devices. You can then clear the cookies and cache on your browser and delete the history as well. Then simply reboot your device and sign in to your AT&T account once again.

Why choose AT&T Customer Support Services?

Not everyone knows about the technical solutions that are needed to solve the advanced errors in AT&T. That is why you should Contact AT&T Email customer support and consult an expert you will be able to give you a step-by-step method to fix the problem.

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HP wireless Printer to Mac

HP Support Number

The best thing about the HP wireless printers is that they are fast and secure. They also have the added advantage of being connected to a network so that multiple users or devices can use the HP printer for printing. HP wireless printers are extremely useful as you do not need to spend money to set up and maintain a wired network in your office or at home. There are many HP Wireless Printer available in the market each with its own unique features. You can call the HP Printer customer support number to discuss your printing needs and accordingly find out which is the best printer for you.Once you have figured out which printer you want you can go through the steps mentioned in this article to connect your HP Printer to your Mac device.

Steps to add your Wi-Fi capable printer to Mac

  1. Use the LCD screen to switch on your HP printer and select the Wi-Fi network you want to use. You also have the option of connecting your HP Printer to the network via the Ethernet cable
  2. Use the touchscreen on your HP Printer to enter the Wi-Fi password so that the printer can access the network
  3. Open your Mac device and click on the Apple icon and select the software update option.
  4. If your device identifies any HP Printer driver or software updates you need to follow the necessary instructions to update them.
  5. Go to the Apple icon again and navigate to the ‘System Preferences’ option and go to the print and fax section.
  6. Click the small plus sign below the printer box and choose the HP Printer you want to add.

Steps to complete a temporary USB setup

  1. Switch on your HP wireless printer and use a USB cable to connect the printer to your Mac device
  2. Visit the HP website to get instructions on how to install the printer software for your HP Printer on Mac
  3. Run the ‘Set up Assistant’ applications so that you can start configuring your printer.
  4. Enter the Wi-Fi password to connect your HP printer to the network. Be sure to connect your HP printer and your Mac device to the same Wi-Fi network.
  5. Go to the system preferences on your Mac device and follow the necessary steps to add your HP wireless printer driver to Mac.
  6. Once the printer driver is installed run a software update to make sure your system is up-to-date and then remove the USB cable from the printer and your Mac computer.

Users must note that sometimes the installation steps to connect HP Printers to Mac may vary depending on the type of printer you want to set up and which version of Mac you are using. If you find that the steps given in this article do not match the options you have on your devices you can contact HP Printer customer Care Number and ask for technical assistance.

Dell driver updates for windows 10

Dell Support Number

A printer driver is a software that is developed to help specific operating systems, like Windows 10, communicate with the Dell printer. If you give the command to perform a particular action, for example, print a page, your computer will convey the command to the printer via the printer driver. The printer driver is the main mode of communications between your Windows computer and your Dell printer, so much so that without the driver any printer you connect to your computer will not work smoothly. That is why it is very important to install the correct driver on your Windows 10 operating system if you want to run Dell devices and applications. You can contact Dell customer support number and consult a trained Dell expert to know which driver you need to install. You can also spend a few minutes and go through this article to get a better idea about how to update your driver on Windows 10.

Steps to install Dell driver updates for windows 10

Dell users must keep in mind that not every printer will have the available drivers of Windows 10. If you find that Windows 10 drivers are not available for your Dell printer you can use the Compatibility Mode and complete the installation from previous versions of Windows. You can follow the steps below to install Dell printer drivers from an older version of Windows:

  • Go to the Dell Driver and Downloads site and enter the service tag of your Dell printer to receive the drivers for your printer model
  • Go to the ‘Operation System’ menu and select the most recent option listed.
  • Search the category column and make a note of any file listed as ‘Application’ or perhaps ‘Drivers for OS Deployment’.
  • Click the icon on the right of the relevant file to download it and save the file on your computer.
  • Right-click the Dell driver file you downloaded and select ‘Properties’.
  • Go to the Compatibility tab and click ‘Change Settings for All Users.’
  • Press the relevant option to run the program in compatibility mode.
  • Open the drop-down menu and select the OS that corresponds to the operating system of the Dell driver you downloaded. Click ‘Apply’ and ‘Ok’ to confirm the action.
  • Right-click the Dell driver file that was saved and click ‘Run as Administrator’.
  • When the ‘User Account Control’ appears, press ‘Yes’ to begin the installation process and proceed by completing the prompts to install the Dell printer software on your Windows 10 device.

Users should note that different Dell devices may have different steps when it comes to installing the driver updates. If you have any trouble completing the steps mentioned in this article you should contact Dell tech Support Number and speak to a certified professional to get a better idea about how to complete the installation process. Dell experts are available 24 hours a day to give you any additional technical support you may need when it comes to Dell driver update for your Windows 10 computer.

How to Fix TurboTax Error 42015

TurboTax Contact Number

Turbo Tax is a tax preparation software that helps you cut down on a lot of manual work when filing your state and federal taxes. The reason why Turbo Tax is so convenient is that all of the work and tax calculations are made online. When customers first begin to use the Turbo Tax software they have to answer a series of questions related to their finances so that the software can determine their tax requirement. Users are advised to update Turbo Tax regularly so that they are running the latest version of the software that incorporates all the latest tax reforms.

To update and run Turbo Tax it is important to have a secure internet connection. If your network connection is poor or if there is a problem with the internet or proxy settings then you will not be able to use Turbo Tax. One example of an internet-related error in the software is Turbo Tax Error Code 42015. This article gives a general idea about what exactly is Error 42015 and how you can fix it.

What is Turbo Tax Error 42015?                                   

As already stated, Turbo Tax works online and needs a stable internet connection if users want to file their taxes online. Turbo Tax Error 42015 is an update error that usually occurs whenever the specified proxy server is not valid. The error also occurs whenever the software could not connect using the proxy server. Users will be alerted to the error with a message that reads “Error 42015: The proxy name could not be resolved: HTTP”.

How to resolve Turbo Tax Error 42015?

If you have encountered this error message while attempting to update TurboTax you can follow the steps given below to fix the problem:

  • Go to the Windows menu and open the Control Panel
  • Look for the Internet Options and click the ‘Connections’ tab
  • Open the LAN Settings
  • Clear the option that reads “Use a proxy server for your LAN”checkbox
  • Restart your computer and update Turbo Tax
  • Try updating Turbo Tax again.

How to manually update Turbo Tax?

If you see that the ‘Check for Updates’ option is not working on Turbo Tax you can follow the steps given below to manually update the software:

  • Close TurboTax and any other apps running in the background
  • Go to the TurboTax website and download the 174 MB update
  • Save the file on your computer and close the internet browser
  • Double click the update file entitled “w_perrelsuperpatch” and complete the steps to finish the manual update.

As a Turbo Tax user, you should keep in mind that when you are faced with an update error like Turbo Tax Error 42015 you should always follow the correct method while updating the software. The method to update Turbo Tax may vary depending on the operating system you use and which version of Turbo Tax you are using. For example, Turbo Tax State Software does not have a manual update option. So if you need more information about Turbo Tax software you should call the Turbo Tax customer service number and speak to one of the experts.

How to fix ATT Email Sign in Error

AT&T Customer Service Phone Number

There can be various reasons why people cannot log in to their AT&T email account and each error can differ from person to person. These can be either incorrect username or wrong password or internet connection problem, unable to remember the password and hacked email account. But out of all these, the most common reason why people cannot log in to their AT&T email account is because of a forgotten password. If you are also one of those users who has forgotten the account password then they can recover the password by calling AT&T Email Customer Care Number. The group of experts will help you in resetting your AT&T account password.

In order to recover the forgotten password users must immediately reset the password as then only they can get hold of their email account. The steps which must be followed to recover the password of the AT&T account is given below:

Steps to Fix AT&T Email Sign In Error : AT&T Contact Number

  • Open the login screen of AT&T account on the browser of your choice.
  • Here you will need to enter your user-Id and then click on Forgot password button
  • A new window will appear where you need to enter the user-Id as well as the last name
  • Once you have entered it than just the code as shown in the screen.
  • Now click on Continue button to open the page where you need to select the method how you want to reset the password:
  • By using the temporary password
  • Or by answering the security question
  • If you chose a temporary password option then you have to provide the recovery email address where you will receive the temporary code. Once you have the code you will be allowed to reset the password.
  • If you wish to go with a security question then you have to choose one question from the set of question and then have to accordingly enter the correct answer for it. This security is set by you at the time of setting up your AT&T account. Once you have answered the question then you have all the right to reset your AT&T password.

Note– One should always remember that they should always create a strong password for their accounts which must be unique also. And the password created by them must include all the character that is alphabets, special symbols, and numbers. No two email accounts should have one password as then it might be easy for hackers to hack them easily.

If you are facing any problem while implementing any steps then you are free to reach out to AT&T Email Customer Support Number where professionals are available at all time to help you. These professionals are so qualified and experience that they can easily solve the problem which their client witness while accessing their AT&T email account.

How to Recover Deleted ATT-Email

We are living in the modern digitalized and globalized world that is not bounded with the boundaries. We treat each other as a digital citizen in the digital world by doing business, exchanging thought and working with each other. We utilize this opportunity to increase our business and making new connections. As we develop new communication source we add some data to our emails. Now it is hard to manage so much data for you and your email service provider as well. You may accidentally or deliberately delete some old email from your ATT email account and later on end up searching those emails everywhere. In this situation, you are advised to call ATT Contact Number for the expert advice. This article will also tell you about these situations. First, you need to know some quality features of ATT email services.

Some key features of the ATT email service:

  • ATT email services are quite easy to use and easy way of communicating for business. You can organize your emails in folders systematically and get easy access all the time.
  • With the help of instant fast ATT services, you can send an email to anyone in this world.
  • The language of the program is superbly easy and direct you performing your action in simplistic ways.
  • It organizes replies into threads and makes it quite convenient for the user to access those replies and get the best result.
  • You can easily attach pictures, videos, multimedia files, excel sheets and other important files quite easily to enhance the impact of your email.

ATT email services work in the business arena by satisfying its users. It has been playing a crucial role in generating newer connection and increase the business prospects of your company. However, you may get into the trouble by not finding your email that you may have deleted. Below are some easy steps that you can follow to remove all your worries and able to find your deleted emails:

  • Simply log into your ATT account
  • After log in properly find the option “Missing emails support page”
  • On this page, you can see an online form asking some details. You have to fill this form with accurate details and submit it.
  • On this page, you would be asked “When did you first notice the messages were missing?” you have to provide an exact Like that some other question will be asked to you and you have to answer those accurately.
  • You have to describe your problem, in brief, asserting that you accidentally deleted those emails.
  • After accurately filling the form click on the “submit” button with the same name.
  • When you successfully submit that form you would get an email answering your queries and stating that whether you could get your emails back or not.

Following these simple steps, you can easily remove your problem and may get your emails back. Now you can restore them safely in the required folder. However, in some cases, you don’t get a satisfactory answer even after submitting the form correctly. In this situation, you need to call ATT Tech Help Phone Number and get the maximum support and guaranteed solutions.

Dell factory Reset Settings

Dell Customer Support Number

Dell is a laptop series developed by Dell computers. These Dell laptops are recognizable by the alien logo on the laptop. Dell was launched in 1996 by Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila. Dell laptops are known for its gaming compatibility. These laptops were basically designed for the gaming purpose. When these laptops came into the market, everyone appreciated these laptops. But as a machine, these laptops also goes through technical glitches.

There can be various type of issues with Dell laptops. When you face any error the possible cause behind the issue can be:

  • Windows registry files are corrupt
  • Virus issue
  • Corrupt files in laptops Storage and others

But all the issues can be solved by proper troubleshooting steps. A method which can solve every issue with Dell laptop is the Dell factory reset settings. If you don’t know how to factory reset Dell laptops, then read this blog and you will know the whole information about Dell factory reset.

Steps to do Dell Factory Reset settings

Method 1. Backup Data

Step 1. Go to the control panel section after pressing the windows button on the keyboard, and then look for ‘Backup and Restore’ option.

Step 2. Click on this option and start backing up the necessary or important files on the computer.

Step 3. Save the backup files at a safe location.

Method 2. Restore Dell

Step 1. Choose to restart the laptop, when the process is in between and the logo appears on the screen press the F8 button to run into the boot mode.

Step 2. In the boot menu, click on the repair option and choose next.

Step 3. Now access into the computer as an administrator and go to the dell back and recovery manager.

Step 4. Choose next and you will get a message on the screen of laptop saying ‘restore may delete your data’.

Step 5. Because you have created the backup and saved it on a safe place, so click on continue.

Method 3. Factory Reset Dell

Step 1. Insert the Respawn boot CD you got when you bought the Alienware laptop and launch it on the computer.

Step 2. After that click on the OK button when the windows appear on the laptop screen.

Step 3. After the factory reset process completion, remove the CD from the laptop and then restart the computer.

All the information about Dell Factory reset setting has been discussed above. If you get confused with these steps, then you can take the help from an expert. Reach out to the customer tech support team and get help from professional techies.

Quick Assistance For Help Toll free Number : +1-844-482-2723