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Archive August 2019

Blue screen error messages in Windows 10 HP PCs

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If the color of your HP system turned blue and along with it an error message is displayed on the screen that error is called blue screen of death error. This error of blue screen can arise in all windows computers be it Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 and can be caused to the fatal crashing of your Windows or due to malfunctioning of the OS. The BSOD error is one of that critical issue which demands supervision if experts so as to fix it and for that, you are free to call HP customer Support Number   which is reachable at all hours of the day without time constraints.

Windows 10 is the newest version of the Windows family operating system and because of its unique features users all-round the globe is attracted towards it. Users are upgrading their previous Windows 7 band 8 to Windows 10 and that’s when they confront blue screen error message. This error might give users some really tough time but under the smart supervision of experts, this issue can be resolved easily. Before fixing the issue one should actual reason why this error occurs are:

  • When data of your operating system is corrupted
  • When your Windows 10 HP Pc detect any kind of hardware failure
  • And there is one more case where you cannot recover your Windows without losing the data.

How to fix a blue screen error message in Windows 10 HP PCs

If you being the users who are upset because of this blue screen of death error message then you should immediately follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve the error at hand. The steps are verified by the experts first and then is available for the execution:

  • Scan your PC: Try to scan your PC with the updated antivirus which you have already installed so that you can remove all kinds of potential virus and malware threats.
  • Check for Space: Make sure your HP PC has lots of free space so that you install Windows 10 correctly in your system
  • Verify the updates: Make it clear that all the driver update is installed your system and if it not updated then you can take help of technicians to update and install all the necessary updates. Don’t forget to install the updates from the official site only.
  • Open your computer in Safe Mode : Sometimes due to any software which is recently installed in your system that also might cause the error and that’s when you need to open your system in Safe mode and try to restore the PC in time when it was running smooth.

Anyone be it professional or laymen all can easily fix the blue screen of the death error message by just communicating with technicians by calling HP Customer Service Number. Here the experts are available all day long to help their needy and urgent clients who are facing the problem of the blue screen of death while using their Windows 10 HP PC.

How to Reset the QuickBooks Administrator password

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QuickBooks helps the companies and business flourish by helping them out in accounting and bookkeeping tasks. It ensures that you do not make any computational errors. While installing QuickBooks Desktop in the interface, one can set up different users on the platform. This provides an option to the users to view the saved items or different transactions being performed. QuickBooks also required an administrator who has some additional rights that the other users. You can provide the admin duty to any one individual by going to the Company file, selecting a user, and giving him administrative duties. Master Admin is basically the owner of the company who has all the rights to manage and control the entire subscription. One cannot change the access of the master admin, and only they are capable of transferring their roles. Since there is an only master admin in QuickBooks, it is quite evident that he has his user ID and password.

Moreover, if they forget their password, it can lead to some troubles. In this scenario, you can easily reset your QuickBooks Administrator password by implementing the solution shared in the blog. Have a word with the techies at QuickBooks Customer Care Number in case of any grievance.

You can reset the password by using QuickBooks Automated Password Removal Service. Before you begin with the process, you are required to provide the given information

  • 15 digit QuickBooks license number
  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Business Phone Number
  • Zip code

The information should be the exactly same as it appears in your Intuit account. After that, you can continue to reset the password.

The steps to reset QuickBooks Administrator Password

  • Open QuickBooks and in the login screen enter your user name (as an admin).
  • Leave the password field blank and click on ‘Forgot password.’
  • If at the time of creating an account, you provided a challenge question, you will be asked to answer the same. Select the answer from the appropriate answer and then reset your password using the instructions.
  • If you forget your challenge question, click on I forgot my answer
  • You will receive a Reset QuickBooks Administrator Password Form. Fill out the information asked for in the form without making any discrepancies and make sure it matches the same with your Intuit account
  • Check for a password reset code in your email. Enter the code in the required field and then click Okay
  • After that follow the on-screen instructions to create a new Admin password.
  • Also, set up a new challenge question for security purposes.

If by any chance your reset code is rejected or you face invariably odd errors, you need not worry. 24*7 support service is available by reaching out to QuickBooks Contact number. The techies ensure that you are taken out of the dilemma and can reset the password without any blunders.

Install device drivers with the Dell Download Manager

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A device driver is a software that allows your Dell device, be it a printer or a projector, to communicate with your operating system. Dell device drivers ensure that the OS on your Dell PC can work with your Dell device or application. Updating your device drivers helps protect your PC and makes sure you get the latest security updates and software fixes. While downloading and installing the device drivers, make sure you use the Dell Drivers and Downloads website; otherwise your if you use an unknown source your system may crash. This article will give you a brief overview of how to install device drivers using the Dell Download Manager. If you have any additional questions regarding device drivers for your Dell computer, you can call the Dell customer service number and speak to a trained software expert. Since the download and installation process may differ depending on your operating system or device model, it is best that you call the support number and consult an expert to clear doubts before you install the latest device drivers.

Steps to install device drivers with Dell Download Manager

The Dell Download Manager utility tool allows you to download drivers and other important firmware updates more efficiently and quickly. You can follow the steps mentioned below to install the required device drivers using the Dell Download Manager:

  • Visit the Dell Product Selection page and find the device drivers.
  • Click ‘Download File’ and select ‘Use Download Manager’ method.
  • Agree to the terms of the Download Manager End-User License
  • When you see the download is complete, click the ‘Install’ button.
  • If you see a prompt from your anti-virus software, click ‘Yes.’
  • Verify the driver name and click ‘Continue’ in the application dialog.
  • Choose an appropriate folder to unzip the files and press ‘Ok.’
  • A confirmation dialog will appear when the files are unzipped.
  • Enter the address of the folder you unzipped the files and continue.
  • Double-click the ‘Setup application’ option and follow the prompts in the Device Driver Installation wizard to finish the installation process.

If you receive a prompt from your security software asking you to allow the program to make changes to your computer, you can click ‘Yes’ and then proceed. Once you complete the installation steps, you will need to restart your computer. If you have any trouble installing the device driver using the Dell Download Manager, you can call the Dell technical Support number and ask for additional technical assistance. Dell software experts are available 24 hours a day and will be able to give you a more detailed guide on how to install the device drivers and troubleshoot any error you may encounter on your Dell device. The Dell live chat support feature ensures that you get timely solutions so that you can resolve any Dell software error as soon as possible.

I forgot My QuickBooks Administrator Password

I forgot My QuickBooks Administrator Password

QuickBooks Online Support Number

When you create an account in QuickBooks, the software automatically generates an Admin user Id. Sometimes the administrator of the software creates a primary login account and makes different accounts for other users. Only the administrator has some rights, and there is an only master admin who has access to all the features and benefits of QuickBooks. After creating an account in QuickBooks and setting up different users, you can decide who will be the administrator. There is one person that can be assigned the admin responsibilities. There can occur instances when the admin can forget the password. In that case, the concerned person needs to reset it on an urgent basis as some of the primary operations of the software can be performed by the administrator only. If you have a newer version of QuickBooks installed on the system, then you can follow the procedure provided below. But if you are operating the older version and want to reset the password via a security question, then have a word with the techies at QuickBooks Online Contact Number.

The latest version of QuickBooks offers its users an option of ‘in-product’ password reset. To use this option, follow the steps given below

    • Open QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool
    • Select the most recently used version of QuickBooks
    • When the password window opens, click on ‘I forgot my password.’
    • After that in the Password Challenge Window that opens, select ‘I forgot my answer.’
    • A window ‘ Reset QuickBooks Administrator password’ will open
    • You have to enter the information in all the given field. Make sure that you use the same information that you had entered as an administrator to register to QuickBooks
    • Enter the given information
      1. License Number ( Enter only the numeric digits)
      2. Your First and Last name
      3. Provide the email address
      4. Enter the Email address to confirm it again
      5. Provide your Business Phone Number
      6. Enter your Zip Code
    • After entering all the necessary information, choose, Next.
    • If all the information is correct, you will either receive an access token or an email with a password reset code
    • Type the code that you have received, in the space provided below and then click on Next. Make sure that you enter it correctly. Otherwise, you would have to start the process again
    • Now, create a new password and then re-enter it to confirm the same
    • Select the Challenge Question from the drop-down menu. Choose an appropriate one and provide an answer in the Answer field
    • Click on Okay
    • Within one or two minutes, QuickBooks will reset the Admin password. You can use the newly created password to login to the software.

By chance you forget your details that you have entered while registering for QuickBooks as an administrator, then you need to employ some specific guidelines. Either click on ‘Where Can I find this Information?’ in the Reset QuickBooks Administrator password or consult the experts by dialing QuickBooks Customer Support Number.

How to Fix dell Printer Offline Windows 10

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Fix dell Printer Offline Windows 10

Dell printers are always ready to work with a wireless network and can easily be connected with devices. It offers an easy setup wizard to remove a lot of settings formalities. However, sometimes you find your Dell printer offline and unable to get connected with PC. If you are using windows 10 then you can solve it easily with the easy methods mentioned in this blog. You can also contact at Dell contact number and avail quality support. If you try to fix the issue on your own, then you need to go through this blog till the end. This blog consists of all possible scenarios that can create trouble.

Get these methods to fix the issue:

There may be several reasons behind the issue, and you need to check all the possible points that may make connection failure. To solve the issue, here are the proven methods that you need to check one by one.

Review the printer connection:

  • Make a detailed review to check all the wires connected to the printer and make sure all are fixed well.
  • Check the Ethernet port to review the connection with the network.
  • You should also check the wireless network and reboot your router as well.

Check the printing status:

  • Press the Windows + I key and get a new window opened.
  • Choose the device option and click on ‘devices and printers’ option.
  • You will see the devices and click on the icon next to the green mark.
  • Then click on ‘see what’s printing’ option and choose the grey colored option.
  • Get the option ‘Set as default’ and choose the ‘printer’ option.
  • There you need to remove the tick mark to ‘pause printing’ and ‘use offline printer.’

Check the printer spooler services:

  • Press the windows+R key and open the search box.
  • There you need to search ‘services.msc’ and find print spooler option.
  • There you need to check the ‘running’ status.
  • If you find that option then right-click on that and choose to start.
  • By clicking again on printer spooler choose to restart.
  • Now you can close the window.

Update the printer driver:

  • Press the windows+I key and open a new window.
  • There you need to choose the devices option.
  • A new section will open and select ‘drivers and printers’ there.
  • Find the printer devices there and click on the Dell printer.
  • Allow the dialog box by clicking on ‘yes.’
  • Then the printer driver will be started updating.

Get expert guidance:

Now if you are still not able to fix the issue even after applying all these methods, then you should surely connect with the expert by contacting at Dell customer support number and there a well-guided solution process will help you to fix your issue.

Quick Assistance For Help Toll free Number : +1-844-482-2723