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AOL Gold Automatic Update Not Working

AOL Gold Automatic Update Not Working

AOL Gold Automatic Update Not Working

Install AOL Dekstop Gold

In this tech era everyone loves to use the advance featured technology, and so that software’s are also getting inflicted with that. Every software development launches the update of their software on a regular basis. Same is the thing with AOL Desktop Gold software. If one has to use software that is user-friendly and allows you to use many task with one software only, then AOL Desktop Gold is the software to choose.

In this rapidly growing technology time, people get the advanced featured software. AOL Desktop Gold is also one of them, this software has millions of appreciators all around the world. Time to time AOL Desktop Gold software gets the software update and because this software comes with the Automatic update feature, people don’t have to upgrade it manually.

AOL Desktop Gold is one of the best features where you can access multiple things like web browsing, media streaming, email service etc. AOL Gold install process is also an easy task if you have AOL membership. Even though AOL Desktop Gold comes with so many great features, this software is also not free from technical hitches. One of the problems which user’s face is the AOL Gold Automatic Update not working. This problem can be easily resolved by some simple troubleshooting steps instructed in this blog or you can ask an expert on customer support number.

Steps to resolve the Automatic Update Error

Step 1. Close all the running programs on the computer including AOL Desktop Gold. After that press Alt+F4 and in the pop-up window choose Restart in the drop-down options. After that click on OK. This will restart the computer.

Step 2. Then in the 2nd step go to the Start menu by pressing the Window button on the keyboard. In the start menu type Update and press Enter. Then you will see the variety of options, choose windows to update options.

Step 3. Then move to change settings and choose ‘important updates’ right-click on that and choose ‘important updates’. Then tick on the box next to ‘Install Update automatically’ using the mouse.

Step 4. Now in the 4th step tick in the box near the option stating important updates. Don’t forget to save all the changes you have made.

These are the steps to enable the automatic update feature in AOL Desktop Gold. This feature saves all the extra time user take to download AOL Desktop Gold latest version on the computer.

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