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HP Printer Customer Support Number

Sometimes it gets difficult for the users to send a document to a network Printer. There is a prompt that occurs on the screen which says ‘Windows cannot connect to printer’ along with ‘access is denied.’ When the user sees this error, the first thing that comes in his/her mind is that there might be something wrong with the Windows, but the actual problem is with the printer. There could be many reasons behind this technical problem, but the main and prime reason is the printer configuration. This problem can be resolved, but you need to check whether the printer is connected to another PC and is shared on your network or the printer is configured with a LAN port. We can resolve the connection error according to how the printer is configured. To troubleshoot windows cannot connect to the printer, you may go through the following steps, and you will be able to conquer your problem. You can also get in touch with HP Printer Customer Care Number to get assisted by the experts

Steps to solve the problem of Windows cannot connect to printer:

  • You need to copy mscms.dll: First, you will have to go to Local disk C and then choose Windows>system 32\. In the above directory, search mscms.dll and proceed further after copying the file. Now you will have to paste the file mentioned above in the location mentioned belowC:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\x64\3\ (for 64-bit)
    C:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\w32x86\3\(for 32-bit)

Then you have to reboot the PC to make changes and then try to connect to the remote printer again. After this, the problem windows cannot connect to the printer will be resolved

  • Create a new local port :You need to go to the control panel and from the available options, select hardware, and sound. Now you have to click on devices and printers. You will get a top to down list, and if your printer is not listed there, you need to click on ‘the printer I want is not listed’ and add a local printer. Now you need to select ‘Create a new port’ and enter the printer’s address in the port name field
  • Remove Printer drivers :You need to open a run dialog box and type MSC. Select all the drivers you want to delete by right click on it and add the printer again

Use advanced computer solution

You need to go to start button and select all programs. Go to system tools and click on system restore button. Now you have to select  ‘restore my computer to an earlier time.’ When you are done with the restoration, restart your computer.

Above mentioned steps could help you resolve this issue. But if you still have any query, you can Contact HP Printer customer Service Number for assistance. Professional experts are available 24 hours a day at your service, and they will provide you a detailed and easy solution to your problem

QuickBooks Online Support

QuickBooks Online Support

QuickBooks is one of the most prominent and leading accounting software in the world. It is basically oriented towards small and medium sized businesses and helps them to manage all the financial and accounting data. Like other software, QuickBooks has some errors and flaws too. One of those errors is QuickBooks error 80070057, which is a very common error which is encountered by the users with an error message saying ‘ QuickBooks error 80070057-the parameter is incorrect.’ This error occurs when the user tries to access the company file. It means the user does not have authority or permission to amend (read,write,create, or delete) the file. There could be various reasons behind this error, and if you are encountering this error, you can get in touch with QuickBooks Desktop tech support number to get assistance from the technical masters who will provide you with the best solution. But before that,  have a look at the list of reasons along with the steps to fix this error given below:

Reasons for QuickBooks error 80070057 are:

  • When the changes or modifications have been made on QuickBooks organization files and folders extension
  • A damaged or corrupt QuickBooks installation file can also cause this error
  • When there is a non-configured third-party firewall
  • When you try to open a Portable file without opening QuickBooks
  • Maybe the file you are working on is situated in USB flash drive
  • It might be possible that you are using a damaged version of QuickBooks.

Steps to fix QuickBooks error code 80070057:

  • You need to run QuickBooks Desktop as an administrator by clicking right on the icon and selecting ‘Run as an administrator.’
  • You will have to open the company file properly:
  • If you are using Windows 8 or 10, then just open QuickBooks.
  • Now you will see a list of QuickBooks versions from which you have to select the one which you want to open and see if it is opening automatically.
  • If not, click on ‘open’ and see if the error still persists.
  • You will have to move the company file to the C drive and see whether all the workstations can access the QB company file or not
  • You might be using an outdated version of QuickBooks. Update QuickBooks and then check whether the issue still persists or not.
  • Download QuickBooks file doctor from the official website of Intuit and run it. Once you start running it, check if the error has gone or not.
  • You will have to configure BitDefender by going to its main menu and choosing AntiVirus. Choose ‘custom level’ and then select ‘Exclude Path from Scan.’ Now select ‘new’ and then choose the mapped drive or the UNC path which is used to browse a company file.

You need to follow the steps given below to resolve QuickBooks error code 80070057. If you find a problem in executing these steps or if you need more information, you can get in touch with QuickBooks online customer support number where you can connect to a team of experts who will guide you to resolve the problem.


Set up ATT Email on Outlook

AT&T is one of the most famous email services in the world, especially in the United States. A web portal has been created by ATT named att.net so that the users could make their web contents. It also offers a very productive service to its customers. One major advantage of AT&T service is that when you configure your AT&t Internet service, it automatically creates an email account and you can create 10 email accounts with AT&T plan. You can also set up these accounts to use with Microsoft Outlook because it supports multiple platforms. But you can get some problems when you set up AT&T email on outlook, so if you need any assistance, you can contact AT&T email customer service number where the team of experts will help you with the best possible solution. Before doing that, you can follow some troubleshooting steps which could help you setup AT&T email on Outlook.

The steps you could follow to do the setup of At&t email on Outlook are

  • In the first step, you need to go to the Microsoft Outlook, then choose ‘info’ and then select ‘Account settings.’
  • In the second step, you need to select the email tab. Click on ‘new.’ You will have to click on the radio button and proceed. Near manually configure server settings, you will see a box ,click on Next, and you need to choose ‘Internet email.’
  • You will see a field named ‘user information,’ you will have to type your email address and name over there
  • You need to choose POP3 under server information
  • You will find an incoming mail server field, there you have to type ‘pop.att.yahoo.com.’ and in the outgoing server field, you will have to type ‘smtp.att.yahoo.com.’
  • In this step, you will have to enter the username and password in the required field. Now you need to proceed to ‘more settings.’
  • In the last step , you will find the ‘outgoing server’ tab and a checkbox near SMTP, you need to select the tab and click on the radio button. You just have to get done with the settings of SSL and you are done with the process

These steps are very basic and can be done by you easily. If you get trouble in following any of the steps, you can get in touch with AT&T email customer service number where the experts will guide you with their technical assistance. You will be provided with the best possible solution, and they make sure that you get out of the trouble as soon as possible. These professional experts are available 24 hours at your service; you just need to make a call, and rest is their job.

Dell Printer Errors Code 077-900

Dell Tech Support Phone Number

Dell Printers are among the best printer manufacturers in the world, and even the best printer manufacturers come across certain malfunctioning. The Dell Printer error code 077-900 is a Dell printer sensor input error. The users can efficiently solve this issue by cleaning the printing path of your machine. When the printer experiences an internal issue by the exit sensors, that is when the error code 077-900 is displayed. This is an unexpected sensor input error which affects the Dell printer. It can also be said that the prime cause of this issue is the problem of paper jam. When the printer experiences a paper or a piece of paper being stuck inside, then this error would be displayed. If there is some foreign object, then the sensor would detect it and further display the error code on the screen. When at a situation like this, the users can easily connect themselves with professional technicians using Dell Customer Service Phone Number. The users would also be benefited by undergoing this complete blog, which would provide them with certain necessary information about handling this issue.

The users can solve this issue effortlessly by taking up some straightforward troubleshooting steps. All the users would need to do is clear the paper jam, reset the rollers, and the problem would be rectified from its roots.

Effective ways to solve Dell Printer Error Code 077-900

By carefully following the process given below, the users can solve the error code 077-900:

  • The users would have to start by removing all the USB cables and Ethernet cables from the printer device, also make sure that the printer has been turned off.
  • Now open and check the inside of your printer, if you find any paper or document that is jammed then remove it carefully without causing any further damage.
  • Then check whether the issue is solved or not, if the issue remains, then moves ahead to the next step.
  • Now you would have to clean the feed rollers of your printer.
  • Make sure that you boot your device in customer mode to run a Manual Feed Test.
  • If you hear any abnormal noises, then change the paper tray of your printer.
  • Now you can reconnect all the USB and Ethernet cables back into the printer and give test print commands to check whether the issue has been solved or not.

If you feel that you would be needing more assistance in incorporating the steps that have been mentioned above, then the users have the option of contacting Dell Support Number. This service is accessible throughout the day, which ensures that the user can connect with them at any given point. This service is also completely free of charge, making sure that the users are not charged any money for contacting the professionals.

Transferring AT&T Account to Gmail account

AT&T Email Customer Service Number

In case the users are looking to move from their old AT&T email account to the Gmail account, then they must do it via Gmail’s Mail Fetcher Utility Tool. But one thing they need to make sure that they had created an AT&T account before June 11, 2011, otherwise the process of direct transfer would not be possible. It is because AT&T will not give the POP3 server access. And if you have created an account in this email service after the given date, then the best possible solution is to download the emails and transfer them to Microsoft Outlook using IMAP protocol. However, in this scenario, you won’t be able to transfer the emails to the Gmail account. Now, let’s discuss the actual topic of discussion of this blog. You can read the troubleshooting steps for the transfer process or can get in direct touch with the customer care executives at AT&T Email tech customer support.

How to transfer the emails from AT&T to Gmail?

  • On the web browser search for Gmail login and enter your ID and password to sign in to your Google account
  • Click on the toolbar that appears on the top right corner and from the drop-down menu, tap on ‘Settings.’
  • Now further click on ‘Accounts’ tab and then in the option of Check Mails from another account, click on ‘Add a POP3 Mail account you Own.’
  • In the given field, enter your AT&T email address. Then click on ‘Next.’
  • Then you need to input AT&T mail password
  • In the POP server field, type inbound.att.net and after that change the port settings to 995
  • To prevent Gmail from deleting AT&T emails, put a tick mark on the box which says ‘Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server.’
  • In the next box which says ‘Always use a secure connection when retrieving mail,’ put a checkmark too
  • In case you want that Gmail should mark the messages that are from the AT&T account, then you can put a check near the box ‘Label Incoming messages.’ This process will create a separate folder for your AT&T emails
  • In case you do not want to configure the above step, then put a checkmark near ‘Archive Incoming Messages’
  • Next, click on ‘Add account.’ This will initiate the transferring process of AT&T emails to Gmail. It can depend on the fact of how many emails are stored in your account

One thing the users need to keep in mind is that the POP settings talked in this specific article apply to all AT&T email address that ends in suffix att.net such as sbcglobal.net, bellsouth.net, pacbell.net, and many more. For further queries and assistance, you can always clarify your doubt by reaching out to AT&T Email Contact Number.

How to fix error code 2000-0146 on Dell laptop

Dell Support Number

Dell laptops are one of the most advanced and sophisticated devices for performing the tasks of complicated assignment easily and quickly. There are a lot of models for you to choose as per your preferences. However, you may get some tricky situations while using Dell laptops. So you require having the Dell Tech support in any such situations when you are not allowed to use your laptop with its full capacity. This blog will help you to know more about error 2000-0146 with the reasons and solutions. You can get the easy steps to fix the issue in this blog.

The reason behind the error 2000-0146

There can be such situations when you get that issue, so you need to figure that out in a way to find the solution:

  • When a sudden shut down happens due to a power cut in the absence of UPS, laptops or computers, have to stop their process suddenly and thus get the issue.
  • When you overcharge your computer or laptop and don’t disconnect it from the power supply even after a long time of charging, you may find the problematic situation.
  • Inaccurate earthing may be the other reason behind the issue.

How to fix the error 2000-0146:

You have found out that issue is not more critical and happens due to some of the typical situation and ignorance. Now you can get the solution easily with these steps:

  • You should start fixing the solution by looking for a change in BIOS settings of your computer or laptop.
  • You need to go to the BIOS setting and review the HDD of your system.
  • While reviewing if you find that HDD is altered to AHCI SATA then you should try to change it to SATA drive.
  • Now you should save the settings and restart your computer to fix the issues.

Precautions before applying the solutions:

  • Before going for the solution and trying to apply changes you should keep backup of your HDD data because you may get some corruption in the files and viruses as well.
  • You should opt for safe mode before trying to boot the drive in safe mode and then proceed with transferring data. You can turn to safe mode by pressing F8 multiple times.
  • You can only proceed with the solution if you spin up and maintain normal operations.
  • You should opt for another HDD if the solution steps don’t work.

In case if you are not getting the right direction for the solution, then you should contact Dell customer service and get the prominent solution by Dell experts. You will be getting proper guidance and all the solutions easily and quickly.

Online payment set up on QuickBooks

Quickbooks Online Support

QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software which helps in managing your company’s finances and  accounting. The products of QuickBooks are oriented towards small and medium-sized businesses. You can use it to pay bills, tax filing, invoice customers, generate reports, etc. QuickBooks has one of the best features which save your time. Connecting your payment account to QuickBooks Online will be a very good decision. It enables you to send invoices that directly gets deposited to your bank, it also improves your financial management, and all payments get backed by the CheckFree Guarantee. There are other benefits as well, so if you want to do online payment set up on QuickBooks, you can follow the steps and instructions mentioned below. You can also get in touch with QuickBooks Online Support number to get professional assistance regarding the issue. Before you start with the procedure, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind:

  • All of your QuickBooks Payment account IDs will be removed
  • All the QuickBooks online Ids will be added to payment account
  • App settings will reset to the default settings which will impact your data
  • Re-establishment of any 3rd party connections will be required
  • You need to delete all recurring payments through the merchant services

Steps to set up your payment account:

  • In the first step, you need to login to QuickBooks file to which you want to connect your payment account
  • You will see a gear icon on the top; you need to choose that and then go to company files
  • In the left menu, you will see a ‘payments’ option; you need to select that
  • You need to proceed by clicking on ‘connect.’
  • In the next page, you will see any QuickBooks payments account having the same login as you. You will have to select the radio button which is right next to the QuickBooks payments account which you want to connect with your QuickBooks Online company. You need to proceed by clicking on ‘connect’ again
  • In this step, you have to confirm that correct account was selected. Review it properly, and if everything is right, proceed. You will be notified once connection service links the account
  • You are done with the setup process

You can follow these steps carefully, and you will be able to connect your account to QuickBooks online. These steps are very easy to follow, and you can do it easily. But if you still face any problem while setting up online payment on QuickBooks, you can ring up QuickBooks Online Phone number to get technical assistance by the experts. These experts are available 24 hours a day at your service, and they provide you with an immediate and detailed solution

Fix connectivity issues in AT&T email

ATT Email Customer Service Number

AT&T is one of the most popular email service providers in the market today. AT&T, which is derived from the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, is a web-based service that gives users access to email, news, entertainment and so much more. However, your AT&T service will only work if you have a stable internet connection without any connectivity issues. If you do encounter errors while accessing your AT&T email account you can go through the solutions mentioned in this article to troubleshoot the problem. You can also call the AT&T Email customer care number and consult an experienced email technician to learn more about the error.

Steps to fix connectivity issues in AT&T email

There are many advanced troubleshooting solutions you can use to resolve the connectivity issues related to your AT&T email account. However, if you are not sure about the root cause of the error you can refer to the basic troubleshooting steps given below to try and fix connectivity issues in AT&T email:

    • Try using a different internet browser to open the AT&T homepage and access your email account.
    • Edit your browser settings are make sure you can accept cookies. Cookies help the AT&T webpage to load more quickly.
    • You should also check your web browser settings and see that the JavaScript option is enabled before you open AT&T.
    • Delete any unwanted data stored on your hard drive and clear the browser cookies so that AT&T can load more freely.
    • If you find that your browser add-ons or extensions interfere with AT&T you should consider disabling them before you log in to your account.
    • Visit the Adobe website and check if you are using the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, if not, update the software before opening AT&T.
    • Temporarily disable you antivirus software and then try and log in to your AT&T email account.
    • Edit your firewall settings and add AT&T to the list of trusted websites so that the security software does not block the AT&T website.
    • Contact your internet service provider and check if there is a network error that may be behind the connectivity issue on AT&T.

If you need more details about how to implement the basic solutions mentioned above you can call the AT&T Email customer service number and ask for additional assistance. Professional email experts are available 24 hours a day to give you a detailed step-by-step guide to solve any technical error related to your AT&T email account. From connectivity issues to login error, email technicians will be able to give you the best solution so that you can resolve the error as soon as possible without too much difficulty.

HP Printer Configuration Error 0x80004005

HP Customer Support Number

HP is one of the most renowned printer manufacturers in the world. They have been efficiently serving the users with optimum quality printers for several years now. HP printers are widely famous for the mesmerizing features that they provide. HP has been making great advancement in the field of printing. They have highly revolutionized each and every aspect of printing. Earlier printers were just used to get the print work done. These days’ printers do a lot more than just printing. They are capable of scanning, faxing and even photocopying. HP has ensured that the printers that they provide to the users would cater to all the requirements of the users. The HP Printers in the market cater to all aspects whether they are used for house needs or office needs. They have ensured that they do not let down on the quality of the print results while making the device more advance. They also provide the users with the efficient service of HP Customer Service Number which caters to all the queries that the users come across with.

Even though they have come a long way in the aspect of printing, there are certain issues which cause malfunctioning of the device. One of the most common issues that users have come across is HP printer configuration error 0x80004005.

Process to solve the HP Printer Configuration Error 0x80004005

Whenever your device comes across a configuration issue, you would see that a message is being indicated that HP printer configuration error 0x80004005. In this case, you can follow the troubleshooting methods that have been given below:

  • Turn the printer off and let it rest for a few minutes.
  • After you have left it idle for a few minutes, disconnect the USB cable from the HP printer.
  • Further, remove and check whether the ink cartridges had been installed properly or not.
  • If not fix the cartridges accurately and install them back into the device.
  • Now remove the power cord from the printer and connect it again after a few minutes.
  • After you have reconnected the power cord, the HP printer would start automatically. If it does not then you would need to do it manually.
  • Once the device has finished warming up, insert the ink cartridges and make sure that the USB cable has been connected properly.
  • When you receive a prompt on your screen, give the command to print a calibration page.

These given steps would effectively ensure that you have overcome the configuration error. If you fail to follow the steps accurately, you can promptly connect with the HP Contact Number Service and avail professional assistance in finding a solution for the problem. You can connect with this customer care service on a 24×7 hour basis and it completely free of cost.

How to fix bank feed error in QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Desktop Support

QuickBooks make accounting work so much easier for accountants and businessmen. It has different services which are very helpful in the world of business, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. It has invoicing features, payroll, flexible and efficient backup services to ensure that all the sensitive data are protected etc. It has become a staple software in the business world as it eliminates all the tasks that were done manually before. The sole purpose of QuickBooks is to enter and pay bills, receive inventory, purchase orders etc. All these inbuilt services and features are the driving force of the business world and it all comes under one unique software. If you would like to know more about QuickBooks you can talk to the team at QuickBooks desktop contact number to get expert insight and information.

Sometimes, customers receive an error while trying to import bank transactions into QuickBooks online and this problem has been put forward by many QuickBooks users. To fix the bank feed error in QuickBooks online you need to run a manual update on your bank account, and to do so you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. On your QuickBooks home page, click on the ‘banking’ option on the left side of the screen. And under this choose ‘banking’ again.
  2. Select the accounts you want to update. Blue means it is selected and gray means it is not.
  3. On the upper right corner, click the ‘update’ button.
  4. If required, enter your multi-factor authentication (MFA) credentials and press ‘continue’.
  5. You will receive a message when the update is complete and if it was successful you will notice that the last update date and total number of transactions have been changed.

By the end of step 4, you will have successfully run a manual update of accounts and the bank feed error will be resolved. However, if you face any additional complications then you can contact QuickBooks Online Support number to get technical help from professionals. The support is can be accessed at any time of the day and it is toll-free.

Quick Assistance For Help Toll free Number : +1-844-485-0637