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Restore Deleted Emails on Comcast Server

Comcast Customer Support Number

Some people, especially those who use their Comcast email accounts for business, send and receive many emails on a given day. Your Comcast email data is stored on the server so that you can access emails whenever you want. However, the number of emails you can store is limited, and you will need to delete old messages if you want to get new emails. Sometimes while clearing your email folders, you may delete an important email by mistake. If you find that some urgent emails were deleted by mistake, there is no need to panic. This article will give you a general overview of how you can recover deleted emails on a Comcast server. Apart from the steps mentioned in this article you can also call the Comcast Support Number and speak to a trained email expert learn more about the steps you can take to recover and protect your data while using Comcast.

Steps to recover deleted emails on a Comcast server

Time plays a very important role when it comes to recovering deleted emails on a Comcast server. The default settings for your Comcast email account are set so that any emails in your ‘Spam’ folder which are more than seven days old will be deleted automatically. On the other hand, all emails in your ‘Trash’ folder, which are more than 14 days old, will also be deleted. If you find that a particular email was deleted by mistake, you can have a look at the steps below to recover the deleted Comcast emails:

  • Open your browser and visit the official Xfinity login page.
  • Enter your Comcast email address and password in the given fields.
  • Log in to your account and click the email tab to open your mailbox.
  • Navigate to the ‘Trash’ folder and select the ‘More Actions’ option.
  • Click on the ‘Recover Deleted Items’ option to access the email list.
  • Search the list and select the Comcast emails you want to restore.
  • Select a destination folder where you can save the restored emails and then click ‘Move.’

Comcast users must note that the steps mentioned above will only work if the emails you are trying to recover fall within the two week period. All the emails that are more than two weeks old will be deleted automatically and cannot be recovered using the given steps. In case you have trouble completing the steps you can call the Comcast customer service number and ask for additional technical assistance to restore your emails on the Comcast server. Comcast email experts are available 24 hours a day to give you expert advice on how to resolve any technical error you may encounter while using your Comcast account.

Verizon Self Install Kit

Verizon Customer Support Number

Verizon FIOS offers a whole new entertainment and is set up with 100% opting fiber network. No matter what setup you are looking for, be it FIOS TV, Internet or Mobile application or even all three, due to the fiber opting network, it is easy to set up within no time. Depending on the Verizon FIOS services you have ordered, you will receive all the components or some of them. The list of components includes- Color Coded Component Cables, Power Cord, Coax Jumper Cable, Ethernet Cable (6”), Cable Card, FIOS Router Supplier, 2-Way Splitter, Cable Barrel Connector, Set-top Box, Digital Adapter Router Power Cord, FIOS TV Remote. It is imperative to understand  that you must first set up the internet before setting up the Television if you are installing both the services. However, if you are only installing the Television, then ensure to set up the router first. If you come across any issue while installation and setup and require technical assistance, then feel free to have a word with Verizon Contact Number.

Begin the process by setting up the FIOS Router

If you are looking forward to connecting the FIOS Tv with an ethernet cable and use it for future purposes, then ensure that there is a convenient location between the router and the laptop where you can easily connect the cable. For a wireless Wi-Fi connection, it would be better to have a central location for the router so that the signals reach all the directions. Once you are through with this, have a look at the steps shared below:

  • Connect one end of the coax cable to the red coax port of the FIOS router and then the other end to the wall outlet. For the wall outlet connection, you can use the Cable Barrel Connector too.
  • Plug the black power cord to the black port on the router and the adapter to the main switch.
  • Switch on the FIOS router. The two LED switches on the front of the router will turn to green.
  • Take the Yellow Ethernet cable from the package and plug the cable to any of the four ports in the FIOS router. You will be connecting two of them. It is better if you connect them on the opposite ends.
  • Now take one Ethernet cable and connect it to the computer and the other one to the ethernet port of the network.
  • Now you can proceed with activating the internet service. Keep your order number with you.
  • Open your default web browser and search for ‘Verizon FIOS activation.’
  • Register to the services by creating an account and then click on Configure your PC/Computer
  • Download the software which is shown in the next step to manage the internet and product services.
  • Now look at your router and see a label which has the ESSID and WPA2 KEY. Note down the exact details as they appear.
  • Launch the laptop’s wireless application in the next step. Locate the ESSID. In the network, key, enter the WPA2 key and then click on connect.

Doing this will readily ensure that you have successfully set up the FIOS network with a self-install kit. Coming across any issue or dilemma, feel free to have a word with the certified techies at Verizon customer service number.

How to Reset HP Color Cartridge

HP Support Number

Users come across the need to replace the HP color ink cartridges when the ink cartridges are out of ink. Once the users refill or replace the cartridge, they would then need to reset the cartridge. It is a mandatory step that the users must follow to avoid any malfunction. There is a small chip that every HP color cartridges have, which is essential to communicate with the printer. This is the chip that informs the users that the ink in the cartridge is about to finish. Once you manually reset the chip, you can refill the used cartridge, and this would save the users a lot of money. When you reset the ink cartridge, it would also resolve the issue of your printer constantly warning you of low ink levels. The user can learn more about this issue by going through this entire blog; they also have the option of connecting with HP Customer Care Number. They would be able to understand the issue in more detail by talking to the professionals at customer care.

Method of resetting HP cartridges 57, 28 and 22

  • When you have refilled the cartridge, you would then have to take a look at the bottom of the cartridge. You would then be able to see six copper contact strips below.
  • Now keep the cartridge in such a way that the copper strips are facing you.
  • You would then have to put a piece of tape on the top of the contact in the second column.
  • When you have put the tape, place the cartridge into the printer again.
  • You would have to ignore the error message which is being displayed and then prints a test page.
  • Then remove the cartridge from the printer and leave the tape on it.
  • Further, add another tape over the top contact of the sixth row.
  • Again you would have to put the cartridge back in the printer and then while ignoring the error message print a test page.
  • Finally, remove the cartridge from the printer and then do away with all the tape that you have put.
  • When you finally put the ink cartridge back in the printer, the ink level would be displayed as full.

Method of resetting HP cartridges 45 and 15

  • Most of the instructions that you would have to follow are as mentioned above, but there are also some important changes that the users must look after.
  • The users would first have to examine the refilled cartridge.
  • You would now have to stick tape over the top four contacts in the first column.
  • After that, you would have to place the cartridge into the printer properly. You would receive the error message which you should ignore and print a test page.
  • Then remove the cartridge from the printer and then remove the tape.
  • You would then have to place another tape over the top four contacts of the sixth row.
  • Now redo the steps where you place the cartridge and then print the test page.
  • When this step is done, remove the cartridge from the printer and remove the tape.
  • When you reinstall the ink cartridge, the ink level would be displayed as ‘Full.’

If you face any issue while following the steps given, you would have the option of connecting with HP Contact Number. The professionals at this service would ensure that the issue is resolved at the earliest.

SBCGlobal Password Reset

SBCGlobal is a highly renowned webmail service which is provided to the users by American Telecommunication company. This webmail service was recently acquired by AT&T and now if you wish to sign in to your SBCGlobal email or if you wish to reset the password of your account then you would have to access the AT&T official website. The most common issue which the users face is when they forget the password of their email account. This is a common issue which any user can face at any given point. When the user forgets the password of their account, then they would not be able to access their email account in any way, they would not be able to send or receive any emails. If you find yourself in a similar position, then you can recover SBCGlobal Password using some really simple steps.

Reasons which would prompt the users to reset the password of SBCGlobal Email

There are several situations where the users would come across the need to modify the password of their SBCGlobal email. Some reasons are as given below:

  • When the users feel that the password currently used is not secure anymore.
  • When the users forget the password of their account, and you are unable to sign into your account.
  • When the users come across a position where their account has been hacked.

Ways to Reset SBCGlobal email password

It is highly common these days that the users forget the password of their email account. It is essential that the users recover the password of their account in order to regain access to their email accounts. If the users accurately follow the below-given steps, they can then solve the issue easily.

    • The users would first have to visit the SBCGlobal email website, where they would have to click on the link of ‘Forgot Password.’
    • You would also have to enter your email address along with your last name.
    • Further, the users would have to click on the option of ‘Next’ and then press the ‘OK’ button.
    • The user would then have to choose the password recovery option from the drop-down menu, which is then displayed to the users.
    • The user would then have to choose the option of ‘Security Questions’ and answer the questions which the user had set while creating the account.
  • Now the users would simply have to follow the on-screen instructions which are prompted.
  • When the users answer the security questions accurately, they would then be redirected to the page where they can create a password for your account.
  • Then the users would have to enter the new password which they have decided and also confirm the same.
  • Once the users have done the above-given steps, you can save the password that you have entered.

You can easily reset  SBCGlobal.net password with the help of the above-given steps. Once the users have reset the password of their account, they can then easily access their emails and get back to using the email account.

How to fix Norton Antivirus error on Windows 10

Norton Customer Support Number

Norton is an anti-virus software that works efficiently on the Windows operating system. The primary purpose of this software is to look out for attacks by virus and malware in the system and to warn the users about the same. The anti-virus software also blocks the hazardous websites, which it analyses to be harmful for the users. However, apart from providing total protection, the application gets encountered with different errors making it difficult for employing on-going tasks. There can be times when a user has associated themselves with different errors with Norton, especially when they have installed it in Windows 10 or after updating their Windows operating system. If such a situation arises with you, one can have a word with the technical executives at Norton Contact Number. If you want, then you can execute the steps given in the blog manually.

Some possibilities of Norton errors that can be faced by users

Blunder 1- When the operating system is updated to Windows 10, but Norton software cannot be found:

If you have recently updated your Windows OS and is not able to locate Norton, then execute the steps that are given below:

  • Open Google Chrome and search for Norton’s Fix Tool
  • Download the tool in the system and save it on the Desktop
  • Go to the Desktop Folder and right click on the .exe file and run it as an administrator
  • The users will receive a prompt indicating that an updated version of Norton is installed
  • Tap on ‘Next’ and follow the instructions

Blunder 2- Norton anti-virus fails to launch after updating the operating system to Windows 10

It is advised that if you ever face this kind of issue, then try implementing the steps that are given below

  • From the default web browser, download ‘Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool.’
  • After that navigate to the ‘Tool’ menu and click on the icon to accept the licensing conditions
  • After you have downloaded the tool, restart the system.
  • Once the system reboot is complete, follow the instructions provided to you to reinstall the Norton Anti-virus software

Blunder 3- Facing with errors 8506,421 and 3039,65559

If your screen displays the given errors, then you can take up the given troubleshooting steps

  • Restart the computer
  • Double click on ‘Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool’ in the system and run it. After that follow the prompts to uninstall Norton software and then install it back again
  • If the issue has not been rectified, even after this, then download ‘Norton Power Eraser.’
  • Double click on the setup file and run it in the system
  • Agree to the licensing agreement
  • Click on the option of ‘Unwanted Application Scan.’
  • It stars scanning the system and would display the results on the screen
  • Follow the guidance as per the screen instructions
  • Once the process is complete, restart the system

Blunder 4- Encountering Error 8505, 129

This particular error is related to the proxy settings, and to rectify this; you can follow the given procedure

  • Search for ‘Internet options’
  • Navigate to the ‘Connection Tab’ and then click on ‘LAN settings’
  • Make sure that in front of the Proxy Server boxes, there is no checkmark
  • If there is, then de-select the option
  • Once done, save the changes

How to configure network connection settings on Windows

  • Click on ‘Network and sharing center.’
  • Select the option of ‘Active network adapter’ with the help of right click and then move to ‘Properties.’
  • A new window screen will open, click on ‘This connection uses the following items’
  • Tap on Internet Protocol ( TCP/IP) or Internet Protocol Version 4 ( TCP/IPv4)
  • Now again click on ‘Properties.’
  • In the Preferred DNS server type the IP address and in the Advanced DNS type,
  • If the error is not resolved, then run the Norton Power Eraser tool in the system

These were some of the common errors that are associated with Norton Antivirus on Windows 10. If you come across any different issue or want to understand the troubleshooting steps about the same, then you can contact Norton Customer Service Number and have a word with the certified technicians.

Fix Avast Blocking Installation of Other Programs

Avast Customer Support Number

Sometimes antivirus programs will block or not allow certain programs or files to get downloaded as a means to protect the computer from malicious software and downloaded threats. Avast has been known to detect ‘potentially unwanted programs’ which aren’t unwanted in some cases which means the program isn’t a threat for certain cases. It also detects ‘false positives’ which means that even though the program is safe, it is being detected as unsafe by Avast. Which is of course quite routine for the antivirus software as it does not allow any program that it suspects to be malicious to enter the system. And hence Avast will block any kind of programs or application it thinks is dangerous or harmful to your PC or device. If you want to know more about this problem and the type of programs or application it blocks, you can contact Avast customer service number. And if you want to know what you can do when such an issue arises, you can follow this blog.

There are certain methods you can practice when Avast is blocking certain programs or games from installing. Pay attention to the methods described below to understand what you can do to solve this problem.

  1. You can add the blocked program or website to the Exclusion list.:This method ensures that you can access these websites and programs without having the need to disable your antivirus.
    • Go to settings on your Avast home screen and select ‘general’ under this.
    • Under this, you will find the ‘exclusions’ tab, open it to add specific programs to the ‘file path’.
    • And for websites, click on the ‘URL’ tab and proceed.
  2. You must temporarily disable Avast:If Avast isn’t allowing you to install any programs you can try and disable the antivirus software until the time the installation is complete. After that, you can resume the protection and continue. You can do this by going to ‘protection’ on your Avast program and selecting ‘core shield’ and disabling it.
  3. Your Operating System needs to be upgraded: Avast might sometimes block certain games or application from working or getting installed if your Operating system is not in its latest version. So in order to access the installation of such programs and application, you must check for available Operating System updates and install it immediately.

These are some of the methods you could try when your Avast software block programs from running or getting installed. If you are still plagued by the same problem, you can consult the experts at Avast technical support number.


DELL PRINTER Support Number

The printers we have today are way better than those we used to have before as they are helpful, easy to use, high-quality, affordable which can be bought by anybody whether they want it for official purpose or home purpose. There are many brands which provide users with high-quality prints, but the most trusted ones are Dell printers as the Dell company is known for delivering high-quality devices, such as, laptops, desktops, and printers. Dell printer’s users do not need to have any special knowledge regarding the printers because being easy to use; even an amateur can access it conveniently. It has always tried to provide users with maximum satisfaction with the help of its exciting features. There are times when users come across some issues while working with the device. Dell printer error code 024-910 is one such issue which hampers the functioning of the printers. To fix this error soon, you can get in touch with Dell customer support to get assistance from the experts who help you with the most efficient solution in no time at all. You can also go through the article shared below to resolve this error, as it might be helpful.

What are the steps to fix Dell printer error code 024 910

  • The first step is to determine the full error message. This error code of Dell arises when there is a mismatch between the paper that is required by the PC and the paper which is set in the printer
  • You will also be required to print setting report as it does not matter what type and size of the paper is being used, it will print irrespective of the size and type of the paper
  • You need to check the present paper sensor if you are unable to fix the error after following the above steps.
  • You can try enabling the substitute tray option. Also, you would be required to check the settings and the size of the paper.
  • Prefer checking the type of printer driver and size settings
  • You will also have to check the size settings and application type.

If you carefully follow the steps provided above, the Dell error code 024 910 will be soon fixed. But if you face any error while implementing these steps or if the issue persists even after incorporating them, you can ring up Dell printer phone number to avail assistance from the techies who provide you with the best solution to any type of queries.

Bellsouth Email Not Working

Bellsouth Customer Support Number

Bellsouth email is one of the most appreciated email services in the world and serving users with complete satisfaction. But you jay get some tricky situations when you face BellSouth email is not working issues and unable to access your email account. Now you can contact at Bellsouth email customer support number and get the easy solution. For now, you can simply follow this blog.

Some guided solutions to fix the issue:

Various factors can be the reason for the issue and may not be able to work with your Bellsouth email account. So you now fix the issue by considering these methods:

  1. Review your internet connection: One of the primary reasons why you are not getting your Bellsouth account resumed is a problem with an internet connection. You need to check your internet connection and verify if it has good speed. Turn your internet connection from unstable to stable, and you can solve your issue.
  1. Fix the server error: You should check if there is any server error for Bellsouth email. The best idea would be to go to the twitter and find tags for Bellsouth email then you will find if there is any server error experiencing by other users.
  1. Check your email setting: If you have not configured your email account settings, then you may face several issues such as email sending and receiving issues, login issues, etc. so you need to check your email settings and review it considering the incorrect configuration for outgoing and incoming email server.
  1. Update your Bellsouth mobile application: If you are accessing your email account on Bellsouth email application on a mobile phone, then you should check or the updates as per the operating system of the phone. It may vary for Android and iPhone users, so you need to fix the solution as per your phone system.
  1. Update your browser: An outdated internet browser may also create issues and will not allow you to proceed with the Bellsouth email logging in. so now you should check for available updates for internet browser and install the latest updates.
  1. Check the system updates: You should look for the system updates if is there available for your system and install all the updates for your system.
  1. Close down the third party application: There may be several situations when you have multiple third-party application, and those may interfere with Bellsouth email. Now you can fix the email issues by closing down the third party application, or you can disable it for a while.
  1. Check if you are using a supported device: There may be issues with your device, and it may not support your Bellsouth email account so first of all, check your device and make it compatible, and if possible, you can log in from other devices as well.

Get the Bellsouth customer support number for further assistance:

You can have prominent support from Bellsouth experts. You only need to contact at Bellsouth email customer care number to solve BellSouth email login not working issue and resume the services easily.


HP Printer Support Number

HP printers are regarded as one of the most reliable and trusted printers in the market. But sometimes it might create problems for the users, especially when they upgrade the computer to Windows 10.  When you upgrade your computer, it generally happens that printer drivers stop working. This issue can be resolved quickly by just updating the drivers. The process of updating the drivers is quite easy, and you can do it without any hassles. You can contact HP support number to avail assistance from the experts regarding the issue. But before that, you can follow some troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article which would help you get rid of the problem quickly.

Steps to download and upgrade your HP printer drivers:

  • You will have to understand a few information about your printer such as the model that you are using and one of the most important thing is that you need to use admin account to access the system
  • You will now have to visit the support website of the HP printer
  • You will be required to enter your model number in the search box to find the device which you are using
  • If your printer is located by the HP support site, it will head to the printer driver page. You will now have to identify the driver install package suitable for your Windows operating system. There will be multiple options such as Firmware, Utility-diagnostic tools, and some driver packages.

Steps to install the drivers:

Once you download the correct driver, the next step is to install it. For the installation process, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • You need to turn your device off
  • In this step, you will be required to disconnect the device from the computer
  • Now connect the device again and turn the power on
  • You need to click on the downloaded driver twice to extract it
  • You can select language if the option is available
  • Now you need to follow the instructions given on the screen
  • Reboot your system and the drivers are now installed

You can follow these steps to solve the issue of your printer driver, not working. If these steps don’t come out to be helpful, you can connect with HP customer support number where the team of experts is available to help you and provide you with the most prominent solution in no time. These experts are available 24 hours a day to serve you with full dedication.

Set Up Comcast Email Address with Email Program

Comcast Customer Support Number

Emails have a lot of importance in the life of almost every individual. Emails are often considered to be the formal channel of communication. Emails are also widely used by people to share files and other essential documents. There are various email service providers available for users to use. In the current scenario, users often use multiple email services for their daily requirements. This is when the users face difficulty in changing among various email services which they use. If you are using the services of Comcast Email, then you can effectively handle such a situation by setting up your Comcast email with an email program. This way, the whole process of managing multiple email service gets convenient. The process to get this done is also very simple and can be done by the users themselves. When needed, the users can also seek assistance from trained professionals by connecting with Comcast Customer Support Number. The users can also seek the steps to solve this issue in this blog.

The process to setup Comcast email on an Email Program?

The process which the users would have to follow in order to setup Comcast email on the email program. There are certain settings that you would have to change to connect to your Comcast email. The changes are as mentioned below:

  • Incoming Mail Server Name: imap.comcast.net
  • Incoming Mail Server Port Number: 993 with SSL ON
  • Outgoing Mail Server Name: smtp.comcast.net
  • Outgoing Mail Server Port Number: 587 (SMTP)
  • SSL Encryption: Checked
  • Authentication: Enter your Comcast username and password

Email Setup: IMAP vs. Port Numbers and POP

While you are undertaking the process of setting up your email account, then the program would want you to provide some information about email “Protocols.” There are a few things that you must know as part of your setup process.

Port Numbers: The email port number determines how your email moved from one email server to another. To ensure your security and to prevent any kind of spamming, port 25 is no longer supported.

POP vs. IMAP: POP stands for Post Office Protocol, and IMPA is Internet Message Access Protocol. These are two different ways in which the users can get their emails on their email program. It is highly recommended that the users use IMAP for setting up Comcast email. POP has been known to create problems while checking emails from more than one phone or computer. IMAP helps the users sync their email while the user is checking it from multiple devices.

But if you still wish to use POP, then the setting option that you would have to use are:

  • Incoming Mail Server Name: Pop3.comcast.net
  • Incoming Mail Server Port Number: 995 (POP3 with SSL)

If you come across any problem while processing the required changes, then you can promptly connect with Comcast Customer Care Number. This service is available throughout the day, and the users can easily access this service by dialing a toll-free number. The executives at this service would ensure that your issue is resolved at the earliest.

Quick Assistance For Help Toll free Number : +1-844-482-2723