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How to install AOL Desktop Gold

How to install AOL Desktop Gold

How to install AOL Desktop Gold

If you need to have a lifetime experience with emails, instant messaging, browsing or searching for any content, then AOL Desktop is your one user-friendly pathway. It’s a web-based software that provides with consistent screen interface and alternative solutions to the confusing layout changes, that one might have to deal with. AOL desktop has upgraded itself into a more productive and better version that would make your life easier and simpler. It is one desktop that you would love with its new feature.

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Why do I need QuickBooks online

Why do I need QuickBooks online

Why do I need QuickBooks online

It would be more convenient for users to use QuickBooks online rather than QuickBooks desktop. This is because, although QuickBooks desktop has more features as compared to QuickBooks online, QuickBooks online has features that are not included in the desktop version. So it would be a lot wiser to use the features that aren’t available instead of those which could be present in any other accounting software. There is also a difference in the installation process, for QuickBooks online, you do not need to download or install it on your computer. The only thing you require is a working internet connection and that’s about it and it is accessible from more than one device. And also with QuickBooks online, you do not have to worry about routine updates. Since it is a cloud-based software, it will always be programmed with the latest update. If you want to know why you need QuickBooks online, keep reading this blog or you can get the answer from QuickBooks online customer care number.

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How to Fix Dell Error U1-2320 Error

How to Fix Dell Error U1-2320 Error

How to Fix Dell Error U1-2320 Error

Dell printers is a quite famous name in the printer sector. The amazing and service of Dell Printers are amazing and people also love the quality of the Dell printer. Yet, Dell printer users, often come across a technical error while printing and scanning the documents. ‘Dell Error U1-2320’ is one of the simplest error occurs while working with Dell printers.  Fixing this Error is not much a difficult task for Dell printer users, because this error can be fixed by some troubleshooting techniques. If you are one of those users, who are facing Dell Error U1-2320 then approach to Dell customer support number and get a long-lasting solution of your problem.

Causes behind the Dell Error code U1-2320

There is the various reason, due to which the Dell Printer Error code U1-2320 occurs in a computer. Let’s take a look at some reasons:

  • Generally, this Error occurs due to misconfigured system files.
  • When the window files become corrupted.
  • Sometimes this error occurs due to temperature control of the fuser unit of abnormal.
  • Due to outdated printer drivers installed on the computer.

These are the most basic reasons, which cause the Dell Error code U1-2320.

Symptoms of Dell Error code U1-2320

  • The screen freezes for few seconds continuously.
  • The quality of the print decreases.
  • The temperature of the computer rises.
  • Error code U1-2320 appears on the screen continuously.

All these signs are symptoms of the error code U1-2320 if you find any of these sign in your computer using Dell printer. Then quickly check and take help from customer support service.

Steps to fix Dell Error code U1-2320

All the troubleshooting steps are quite easy. But still, you should perform all these steps carefully.

Step 1. Reinstall the fuser unit

  • First of all, press the power button situated at the printer and unplug it from the power supply.
  • Then, find the fuser unit and perform a reinstall process on it.
  • Then plug in the Dell printer, and turn on the printer by pressing the power button.
  • This said might solve the issue, but if the problem is still occurring, then try other steps.

Step 2. Verify fuser connection

  • Ensure that the fuser is connected properly. Look and verify the connection carefully. Check the input as well as the output of the connection.
  • Now check for the input voltage, if the input voltage is normal or not.
  • Then make sure that thermistor is not engaged with any problem and causing an issue. If yes, then fix it quickly.

These steps should fix the Error U1-2320. But, if this error still persists, then call on Dell customer care number.

How to use AT&T troubleshoot and resolve

How to use AT&T troubleshoot and resolve

ATT Customer Support Number

The AT&T troubleshoot and resolve is a tool that diagnosis problems and shows you what the problem is and where it is originating from. This tool comes in handy when you are trying to figure out the reason behind an error or a technical problem. This diagnosis all sorts of problems and give you tips and instructions on how you can troubleshoot them. Some of the problems that this tool handles are, calls and messages, voicemail, internet and data, frozen screen, and many more which you will find out once you make yourself familiar with the tool. Also, some of the functions of this tool are:

  • Gives instructions on how to use a device or a service.
  • It lets you get assistance directly from AT&T.
  • It helps to check your repair appointment date and time.
  • And also to check your trouble report status.

These are the services that AT&T troubleshoot and resolve provides. In this blog, you will be shown how to use AT&T troubleshoot and resolve. If you want to know how to you can use this tool you can refer to this blog, but if you want it from a more experienced and certified employee then you can contact ATT customer care number.

Main steps included in the use of AT&T troubleshoot and resolve.

  • First of all, you need to make sure that you have the device that you want to troubleshoot.
  • Secondly, you must sign in to your AT&T account.
  • Now, visit the AT&T device troubleshoot page.
  • If you cannot find the device you are looking for in the list, click on ‘change’ to choose the device.
  • After that, select ‘service related’ or ‘device related issue’ from the options presented to you.
  • And now you just need to follow the steps displayed on the screen to address the issue.

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Here are some additional steps that you might need while trying to use this tool.

In the case of an unsupported device, contact the manufacturer for help. The reason why AT&T troubleshoot and resolve may no support your device could be one among the following three reasons:

  • The manufacturer of the particular device introduced it in the market more than four years ago.
  • It is to be noted that devices or products which are wearable and data cards aren’t supported currently.
  • Also, devices like 4G cameras and Amazon Kindle HD aren’t supported.

How to use QuickBooks online

How to use QuickBooks online

How to use QuickBooks online

QuickBooks online is an accounting software, and unlike QuickBooks desktop, it does not need any downloading or installing. Customers can use it as long as they have an internet connection. The fact that it needs no downloading makes it a little easier for starters as they don’t have to go through the task of installing which can prove to be a little hectic sometimes. Using this software isn’t like trying to solve the Rubik’s cube, it is quite simple. But for those who are only starting to get the whole idea of Information technology, it can be a little difficult. So that is why if you want any additional information or idea about this software program, you can get help from QuickBooks online customer care number and ask the team about anything that you would like to know regarding the software.

To know how to use QuickBooks you need to know what it is and what its purpose is. Like mentioned above, it is an accounting software and it is generally used by business firms and accountants. It can be broken down into these main segments- ‘Money In, Money Out, Reconciliation and Balance Sheet items’. And to understand its functionality, you can refer to the points mentioned below:

Money In.

  • If your clients have a way of paying you, such as net 30, then you have to enter the invoices using the ‘create invoice’ option. And after the payment has been done you need to go to ‘customers and receive payments’.

  • If you work in a business that accepts payment immediately after providing service, then you can proceed in collecting the payment by using the ‘enter sales receipt’ option. Go to ‘banking’ and make the deposit to post it to your bank account.

  • You can use the ‘funds transfer’ feature to track the transferred loan or line of credit.

Money out.

  • To get a clear idea of the transactions you can use the ‘write checks’ feature any time money leaves the account. In place of the check number, you can write ‘debit’ and ‘BP’ for bill pay.

  • Use the ‘credit card charge’ option to enter credit card charges. And to pay the bill, write the check and post it to the credit card account in QuickBooks.

  • If you are the sole proprietor, whenever you take out the company’s money, you need to post it against an equity account entitled ‘owner’s draw’.


  • You must reconcile your bank account, credit, and loan accounts at least once a month. You can also do it on a weekly basis if you are concerned about cash flow. You just have to click the ‘finish later’ button to pick up where you left off the next week.

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These instructions can guide you while trying to operate QuickBooks online for the first time. If you confront any technical glitches or errors that you may not know about during the process, you can get in touch with QuickBooks online tech support number.

How to Install ATT High-Speed Internet

How to Install ATT High-Speed Internet

             How to Install ATT High-Speed Internet

AT&T provides a high-speed internet service to its customer with various highlighted features like Wi-Fi gateway, smart home manager, and internet security suite powered by McAfee, Email account, and Wi-Fi Hotspot. AT&T internet service is 100% reliable and efficient.

To get the AT&T high-speed internet speed on your home you should visit the official website of AT&T, where you will get all the details of service plan or call on ATT customer care number. When you will buy an AT&T internet plan, an AT&T executive will come to your address with the modem and other equipment.

He will set and start the modem service but if you want to do it on yourself then you can follow this blog.

Install ATT High-Speed Internet

If you want to install AT&T internet service yourself at your home to get customized internet service then follow given below steps:

  1. Check the Equipment

The package you get after you take the AT&T internet connection. Ensure that it contains all the equipment which include instructions, the modem, cables, cords, a power adapter, and a DSL filter.

  1. Choose a Location

You should choose a suitable and central point of your home which doesn’t engage with obstacles such as cabinet and walls. Because walls and cabinets can prevent the signals to spread throughout the home and you may face poor signals in some areas of your home.

  1. Connect the DSL Filter

If you own a landline connection at your home, you should add a single or double port DSL filter to the line. This step helps to prevent the signal interface of the internet and telephone.

  1. Plug in the Data Cable

Internet providers use color codes to know which data cable should go in which port. Green cable transmits data, which goes into the green phone port. If you use a double port DSL filter, the green cable will go into empty port.

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  1. Then connect the Ethernet cable to the yellow modem port.
  2. Then connect the modem with power supply and press the power button.

You shouldn’t face any issue with these steps and you will definitely able to install AT&T high-speed internet service completely. In case, you face any issue with this call on ATT customer support number to get the instructions.

How to Fix MY Dell XPS 13 Audio Driver Problem

How to Fix MY Dell XPS 13 Audio Driver Problem

  How to Fix MY Dell XPS 13 Audio Driver Problem

Dell has a very good reputation in the laptop market because of the features and services are given by Dell to its customer at an affordable price. Dell XPS 13 is a mind-blowing laptop which has some outstanding features like 13 inches Full HD LED Backlit Infinity Edge Anti-glare Display, Light Laptop without Optical Disk Drive, core i5 8th generation processor and much more. All these features make Dell XPS 13 a very reliable laptop. But sometimes Dell laptop users face Audio driver compatibility issue when the laptop’s audio stops working. This issue can be very frustrating if you don’t solve it as soon as possible.

To get into more details about Dell laptops or know the solution of a technical issue with Dell laptop.

You can call on with Dell customer care number or visit the official website of Dell computers.


Fixes for Audio Driver issue in Dell XPS 13

To fix this Audio Driver issue the best option is to uninstall Audio drivers and reinstall. This will upgrade the drivers to its latest version and remove the incompatibility issue.

Let’s start the process:

  1. If you are using Windows 10 or 8 OS on your laptop then click on “Search Windows”. Else, press the start button.
  2. Type “devmgnt.msc” in the search field and Enter.
  3. Then select “Audio inputs and outputs”.
  4. After that double click on Speakers/Headphones.
  5. Then click on “Drivers” option and choose to “Uninstall”.
  6. Click “Yes”.
  7. When the uninstall process gets finished. Open your web browser and go to the official website of Dell laptops. Then visit Dell’s “Driver support web page”.
  8. Choose for Dell Laptop Model and select “Audio Driver”.
  9. Click “Download”. When the download gets finished, initiate the installation process.
  10. Choose to install Realtek InstallShield. Then follow the suitable screen instruction to complete the installation process.
  11. When the installation gets finished, Restart your computer to update the changes you made.

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All the above-given steps should fix your Audio driver issue but in case if you find any difficulty. Call on Dell customer service number and get the quick and easy solution of any technical issue with Dell computer.

How to fix QuickBooks online invoice number issue

How to fix QuickBooks online invoice number issue

How to fix QuickBooks online invoice number issue

The world of accounting has been made a lot easier with the introduction of QuickBooks and its services. Through this one of a kind software, the business world has been flourishing because of advancement in the working space area. Accountants and even non-accountants can easily navigate their way around the workings of this software thus enabling a faster flow rate of work inside the working space. It has many features that make it possible for work to get done quicker. It oversees the tracking of sales and expenses, creating receipts and printing invoices, payment of workers and handling of their payroll taxes etc. All these tasks, before the dawn of QuickBooks, were handled manually by accountants but not anymore. If you would like to get a clearer idea about what QuickBooks is and what it does, you can dial QuickBooks online customer service number to get a professional explain to you everything you want about QuickBooks.

Aside from its benefits and advantages, QuickBooks suffer from a lot of flaws and issues. Many times these issues aren’t that much of a threat, but in some cases, it requires a lot of safety and troubleshooting measure. One error that can create a lot of complications for the user is the QuickBooks online invoice number issue. This is a very common and recurrent issue and if you want to fix this problem, you need to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: On your QuickBooks desktop, go to the Gear icon and select ‘account and setting’.

Step 2: Under this, you need to choose ‘sales’ and after that, click on the icon that looks like a ‘pencil’ which will be under the section ‘sales form content’.

Step 3: Now, check the box next to ‘custom transaction number’.

Step 4: Save the changes and click ‘done’.

You can now open an invoice or any sales form and enter the custom number or letter sequence in the invoice number field.

These are the steps you can utilize to solve the online invoice number issue in QuickBooks. However, if this does not help solve the problem you can contact QuickBooks online customer support number to gain access to professional help by certified experts.



How to fix sending and receiving problem in ATT?

How to fix sending and receiving problem in ATT?

How to fix sending and receiving problem in ATT

Emails are a major part of everyone’s life these days. Almost every person in the world uses an email service to send and receive messages on email.

AT&T email is a webmail service which is very popular across the world due to its amazing features. But what if AT&T email users face issue while using the services of AT&T email. One of the common issue AT&T user’s face is the sending and receiving issue.

In this issue, the user won’t able to send email to its clients and receive emails from them. In those situations, ATT customer care number is always available for users.

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I can’t log in to my ATT Account

I can’t log in to my ATT Account

I can’t log in to my ATT Account

Having problems with ATT Email is not a new thing. There are countless users who come across the problems of login or sign up at the time of ATT Account login. It is important to note you are not the only one who has confronted this hassle. But the right troubleshooting can get the issue fixed properly. You need to focus on some main reasons or the causes that are creating a hindrance the way of your account access. It is suggested to all the users that they must reach out to ATT Email technical support number to talk to the executives for the right solution.

Till the time you can go through the basic troubleshooting on your part so as to make sure that the issue is sorted out. So, if you can’t log in to your ATT Email account, then try these –

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