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How to fix QuickBooks online invoice number issue

How to fix QuickBooks online invoice number issue

How to fix QuickBooks online invoice number issue

How to fix QuickBooks online invoice number issue

The world of accounting has been made a lot easier with the introduction of QuickBooks and its services. Through this one of a kind software, the business world has been flourishing because of advancement in the working space area. Accountants and even non-accountants can easily navigate their way around the workings of this software thus enabling a faster flow rate of work inside the working space. It has many features that make it possible for work to get done quicker. It oversees the tracking of sales and expenses, creating receipts and printing invoices, payment of workers and handling of their payroll taxes etc. All these tasks, before the dawn of QuickBooks, were handled manually by accountants but not anymore. If you would like to get a clearer idea about what QuickBooks is and what it does, you can dial QuickBooks online customer service number to get a professional explain to you everything you want about QuickBooks.

Aside from its benefits and advantages, QuickBooks suffer from a lot of flaws and issues. Many times these issues aren’t that much of a threat, but in some cases, it requires a lot of safety and troubleshooting measure. One error that can create a lot of complications for the user is the QuickBooks online invoice number issue. This is a very common and recurrent issue and if you want to fix this problem, you need to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: On your QuickBooks desktop, go to the Gear icon and select ‘account and setting’.

Step 2: Under this, you need to choose ‘sales’ and after that, click on the icon that looks like a ‘pencil’ which will be under the section ‘sales form content’.

Step 3: Now, check the box next to ‘custom transaction number’.

Step 4: Save the changes and click ‘done’.

You can now open an invoice or any sales form and enter the custom number or letter sequence in the invoice number field.

These are the steps you can utilize to solve the online invoice number issue in QuickBooks. However, if this does not help solve the problem you can contact QuickBooks online customer support number to gain access to professional help by certified experts.



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