How to Troubleshoot Arlo Base Station or SmartHub

Arlo base Station setup

In this article Customer care help will explain you about Arlo technlogies and how to troubleshoot the various issues faced in Arlo Base Station.

About Arlo Technologies :-

Arlo security cameras by Arlo technologies is America’s number one company offering indoor/outdoor wired and wireless security cameras for home and business. According to sources, Arlo has around 2.85 million registered users as of February 2019.

Arlo separated from Netgear on February 6, 2018, and became holding of Arlo Technologies. The CEO of Arlo is Mr. Matthew McRae, who joined Netgear in 2017. 

Arlo cameras come with many features such a weather resistance, solar charging, motion sensor, night vision, baby sensor, dual audio, and free cloud storage up to seven days.

Arlo cameras are very dependable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, which makes them perfect for outdoor use.

Setting up the Arlo base station is very easy. There is an excellent collection of knowledgebase articles provide in Arlo’s official website. You can also reach out for third party support for Arlo security cameras.

Sometimes there can be minor problems with your camera setup resulting in Arlo camera offline. Let us discuss some of the troubleshooting steps for Arlo SmartHub or Base station that you can perform if your security cameras go offline. 

Reasons of Why Arlo Camera is Offline

  1. The camera battery discharged.
  2. Changes in your network settings.
  3. You just switched to a new router.
  4. Arlo base station or Smart hub is offline.

Arlo Camera Offline Troubleshooting Steps

  • Hold and release the sync button to restart the Arlo base station or Smart hub. Arlo camera turns back to normal working condition if the internet led blinks for 10 seconds.
  • Please note that you should not place any other wifi device near the Arlo base station; this might create network interference.
  • Check for thick wall and metal objects between camera and Arlo base station. It can make cameras go offline. 
  • Arlo camera has a maximum range of 300 feet (90 meters). Placing cameras farther than this can get them to disconnect from the Arlo base station.
  • Remove and replace the camera battery to ensure it is correctly turned on. It should continuously blink blue, otherwise, resync the camera.
  • Check for the last recorded video in the Arlo library. If you do not find a recent recording, you need to sync your camera to the Arlo base station again.

Arlo Base Station LED Status

Led is solid green: Station connected to the internet.

Led is amber: Station did not connect to the internet. Check your internet settings and internet connection wiring.

Arlo Camera Led Status

Led is not on: Check the batteries. Replace them if they are dead.

Led blinks rapidly: Camera has synced with a base station.

Led blinks blue once: Resync a camera to a base station.

Led blinks amber: Change the batteries.

These are some standard troubleshooting steps for the Arlo base station and camera. Following these steps should get your Arlo camera up and running. In case you are not a geek and need to speak with a tech call +1-844-332-0850 for Arlo support.

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