Apple Itunes Support

iTunes is a media management software created by Apple for both the Macintosh and Windows Operating System. It can be sued to play music and videos on your computer or cell phone. iTunes is a good way to manage and organize your music and videos or movies and to shop for the ones you want to buy. This application help users to arrange the music into playlists, edit information, copy files, and buy music and videos through the inbuilt music store. For more information on Apple iTunes, you can get in touch with their customer care service at Apple Customer Support Number.


Apart from the fact that iTunes can be used as a media player, library, radio broadcaster, and mobile device management application etc. iTunes also comes with its own set of unique and special features.

  • Ping: This is the newest and latest element to be featured on iTunes. Through Ping, the users can follow their favorite artists giving it that social media effect.
  • Auto-syncing: It detects iPhones, iPads or iPods and automatically downloads all the contents that the user has added to iTunes since the last sync.
  • Smart playlists: You can set a framework for iTunes to create a playlist using the songs from your library. The framework could be anything depending on the type you want to be created. It could be based on genre, release date or ratings etc.
  • Genius: This is also a recent addition to iTunes. All the users have to do is pick a song and this feature will create a new playlist based on the type of song the user chooses.
  • iTunes store: The iTunes store is an integrated part of iTunes from where customers can browse, download or buy music or videos.

Common Issues

iTunes is well appreciated and hated at the same time by iTunes customers around the world. iTunes tries to do a lot at the same time which can sometimes lead it to malfunction and cause many different errors. Sometimes it just does not work the way it is supposed to or it just does not work at all. The problems that make it not so appreciated are listed below:

  • Syncing is one of the problems. In fact, it’s the most commonly occurring problem faced by iTunes users. A lot of the time users complain that their sync is broken because they can’t sync their iOS devices this is a common problem in both old and new phones.
  • Sometimes the iTunes match feature does not work at all. The tracks don’t match and downloads are sometimes cut or canceled in between the process.
  • The home sharing feature does not work at times while trying to share iTunes library across a common network. It becomes unreliable and it works from one device to another but not the other way around.
  • The tagging feature of iTunes also becomes unresponsive and unreliable at times. And it ultimately makes the media files unusable.

These are some of the factors which cause iTunes users to complain. But apart from these errors, it is still a reliable media library and one of a kind. If you face some kind of error related to the ones mentioned above then you may contact Apple Technical Support Number.