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Kindle Fire Stuck on Logo problem

Your kindle fire stuck on logo and you don’t have any other choice but to fix it as soon as possible. Else, it appears like a paper weight when not functioning properly.

About Kindle by Amazon :-

Kindle Fire is a tablet computer manufactured by Amazon. It is designed to provide portability convenience to the users as it is smaller than laptops or other competitor’s tablet manufacturers.

Kindle fire is an amazing device and its unique features make it different from others. Kindle Fire is a successful product from Amazon and to make it more popular, Amazon regularly launches its updates. Similar to many other electronic devices, Kindle Fire device may also show some problems to the users. Here I am telling you about such problems with its potential solution.

One day during boot process my Kindle Fire Device went into a loop and it was just showing the animated logo of Kindle Fire at its starting point. I restarted the device many times but it was still there and no home screen, no screen lock slider was there on the screen.

Many persons like me may have encountered the same issue on their Kindle Fire tablet. Like their device also refused to start up properly and if they try to restart the device, it simply shows logo. Now follow the instruction given below to sort out this problem and this is my personal experience and I don’t give any official confirmation about it.

The solution for Kindle Fire Stuck on Logo problem :

  • Connect your device to the charger and charge it for minimum 15 minutes. Now, press and hold the power button until the device restarts, by keep plugging in your tablet into a charger. Check if the device is working properly or not.
  • After it, connect your device to the computer and check if the system recognizes it or not.
  • In case, there is no progress into the situation and the device is still showing logo, then you are advised to contact tech support for Kindle.
  • Also, you can try if you can reach to recovery menu of the device. To reach there you need to switch off your tablet and then hold the power and volume down button and press them simultaneously. If you are successful doing this then use the volume up and down keys to highlight the choices and use the power button to select them.
  • Moreover, you can also try a factory reset but it will erase everything from your tablet.

If by following the above-given steps your problem of Amazon Kindle Fire Stuck on Logo is not resolved then try this as I tried in the past. I have some knowledge about the basic Android system so I decided to tinker with Android. Android debug bridge (ADB) is a part of Android SDK that can be used for manual rooting. So, I was able to connect my device through ADB despite it was stuck in the boot logo.

Since there’s a boot loop, I want to urge prior the Kindle Fire boot step wherever I will issue the ADB commands. I restarted my Kindle Fire and it is connected to my computer system through a USB cable. ADB command prompt was open on it and my Kindle fire device was restarting as I was issuing the command –adb push fbmode /data/local/tmp. During this process, I got several errors as it was showing no device. But at last my one attempt worked and I was able to get a confirmation that fbmode file is sent to the Kindle Fire. Finally, through this way, my Kindle Fire was now on the home screen.

Important notes :-

Note: You should have ADB installed on your PC or laptop. You can’t type these commands simply into your dos-prompt.

Hope you are satisfied with the potential solution given above and by following the instructions you will be able to solve your Amazon Kindle Fire Stuck on Logo problem. Moreover, if you need any other information related to your Kindle Fire device, you can contact to Amazon Kindle Fire Stuck on Logo customer support number. Here you will get support from the best technical support instantly.

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