How to fix your Netgear Router problems

How to fix your Netgear Router problems

In this article Customer Care Help will explain you about the various Netgear Router Problems and how to solve them.

About Netgear Company :

Netgear is an American networking company. It is a global company which is famous for its networking products. Company manufacture product for three major segments i.e. retail, commercial, and service provider. In the starting Netgear was focused on providing networking solutions to small businesses.

Netgear products are mainly focused on home and business needs. Netgear came into limelight after launching its advanced n series of routers for home and businesses. Its WNDR series was the most successful series. And now Netgear’s ‘R’ series is the new sensation in the market and its Nighthawk series is famous for long range signal and advanced range extender features.

Your Netgear Router may be quite working well and its good, but here we are telling you about some important info about your router. The given info can help you in case you face any difficulty ever or to troubleshoot any Netgear Router problems that you may come across.

Netgear Router Problems :

I can say your choice is very nice if you have selected Netgear router because when it comes to performance you are watching well that how it is different from others. But while using the router services, you may encounter some issues which are as below:

Netgear Router Not Working :

Issues like your Netgear router not working or showing the problem in working are quite natural.

To troubleshoot all such issues you can reset your router network. To reset your router press and hold the reset button for around 20 seconds and switch it off. Then, switch it on again and to log in, when it will ask for username, enter the default name as Admin and default password as Password.

Internet Not Working :

This problem is common and somewhere complex also because various factors work in this case. As size of the house also matter if Netgear router won’t connect to the internet, because you may need to move it to different locations.

To make your internet working you can do some other tasks like use high capability internet connection i.e. of 5GHz if your support it. Also, you can try enabling Dynamic QoS feature to sort out your Netgear router problems . This Quality of service (QoS) is supported by Netgear Router and through this feature, you will be able to provide exact bandwidth for all such tasks that need more bandwidth.  You will find this function under basic menu bar after login.

Netgear Router Reset Not Working :

If your Netgear router is not working after reset then you don’t need to panic, as there are various other ways to reset your Netgear router. Just hold your router in a way that it’s back facing you and after that press the reset key of your router. As you need to press it for 20-30 seconds till all the lights start blinking, so you can use pen or paperclip to press.

After that restart your Netgear router and start setup again. Hopefully, this will work when you are tired of searching How to fix Netgear router.

Netgear Router  Basic Troubleshooting not working? Try troubleshooting in this situation by configuring your connection. To configure your system and solve this problem of Netgear wireless routerfollow the steps given below for troubleshooting –

  • Unplug your router and connect your system directly to modem.
  • Now, sign in to the router. If you are unable to sign in router, follow the instructions-
    • Make sure all the cables are connected to the router and your PC are secure.
    • Internet indicating LED is ON.
    • If your device is connected to the router through an Ethernet cable, do check that all the LED ports are OK or not.
    • In case you are using a wireless device, check the LED on that adapter.
    • If all cables are connected securely seated and all the LEDs are lit appropriately, power off the router and power it on again.
    • Still if Netgear troubleshooter process not worked, then you need to perform a factory reset.

Well in case of urgency you can always connect with Netgear router problem customer support for an immediate fix.

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