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Not Able to Create a Backup of QuickBooks File

Not Able to Create a Backup of QuickBooks File

Not Able to Create a Backup of QuickBooks File

Not able to create a backup of QuickBooks file

QuickBooks is regarded and even recommended as one of the most sort after and best financing and accounting software to handle all the business-related expenses, profit and loss measures, invoices, salary slips, etc. The software helps to keep your data in a safe place. Now you need not to worry about managing all the expenses by pen and pencil, as this software will help to make your life much easier. Since the QuickBooks software contains one of the most crucial data, it becomes really important to keep in mind, that a backup of the files should always be created. Those who have been using the software must be aware of this fact. Creating backups should be regarded as the topmost priority, but what if by any case, you are not able to do so. There can be a few reasons behind this grievance.  The users very well know that QuickBooks is just not any kind of software, but it is one of the most crucial ones when it comes to all your business-related expenses. All the data of the company is stored in this ultimate software. And so, if due to any possible reason, you are not able to create a backup, you should definitely go through this blog and implement the steps to rectify the error, before you get in touch with the QuickBooks Helpline number.

Possible reasons behind the issue:

  • The software is not able to access the backup location
  • The USB stick is not supporting it.
  • Not enough space in the device
  • The name is too long, exceeding more than 65 characters
  • The file size is larger than 3 GB
  • Trying to save the backup on an external


How to rectify the issue:

  • Open the QuickBooks file for which you need a backup
  • Reduce the file size to less than 3 GB. You can rename the file if the name appears to be too long.
  • From icons>File Option>Create Backup Option
  • Choose the option of Create Local backup.
  • Now save the file to the desired
  • Click on Save.
  • Do not switch off the device until the backup is in process.
  • A confirmation message will pop up, once the process has been through.

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These are some of the few reasons that can be an issue behind this error. If you witness that none of the above reasons are a particular cause, then you must get in touch with the QuickBooks Support number, where a team of certified technicians will be there to help you.





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