Verizon Support Number

Verizon is a popular email service that was first introduced by Verizon Communications, one of the largest telecommunications company based in the United States. Verizon is engaged in providing digital and internet services to thousands of users, all across the globe. Verizon Email uses the domain name ‘’ As part of a major restructuring of its business services, Verizon retired its email service in order to focus on TV and internet services. However, before permanently deleting the email addresses from the system, users were given the option of migrating to another email service such as AOL Mail or Yahoo. Even if you migrated to AOL or Yahoo, you could still use your “” account to access your emails. Following the migration, in case you encounter any error related to your email account you can call the Verizon customer service phone number and ask for help. Professional email experts are always available to help you clear any doubts you may have and troubleshoot email errors connected to your Verizon account.

Features of Verizon Email

As one of the top email service providers in the market today, Verizon offers users a range of features and tools to make sure subscribers enjoy a safe and secure emailing experience. If you want to make the most of your Verizon email account, you need to learn as much as possible about the different features available to the user. Below you will find a short list of some useful features available on Verizon email:

  • Improved storage space allows users to save more emails in their folders.
  • Verizon comes with built-in spam filters to protect your email account.
  • Advanced two-step verification provides added security against hackers.
  • Users can link the Verizon email account to the mobile phone or tablet.
  • Connect your account to an email client using the Verizon server settings.
  • Create customized folders so that you can organize your emails.
  • Enhanced encryption technology keeps your Verizon account safe.
  • Attach different multimedia files to your Verizon emails as attachments.
  • Add a personalized email signature to give your emails a professional look
  • Organize your contacts into groups to make it easier to send multiple emails.

In addition to the basic features mentioned above, you will also get additional email features based on whether you use Yahoo Mail or AOL Mail to access your account. If you have any questions about how to use a particular feature, you can call the Verizon customer service phone number and speak to an email expert.

Common Issues on Verizon Email

Email errors can be quite frustrating because they are an obstacle to your productivity. When you are faced with a deadline at work or if you need to pass on an urgent message to your family, even a slight error on your Verizon account can be stressful. In the interest of preparing for the worst, here’s a quick look at some of the most common issues you are likely to face while using Verizon email:

  • Difficulties while signing in to your account because of password errors.
  • Certain emails and contacts are automatically blocked without warning.
  • You can download any email attachments sent to your Verizon email ID.
  • Unable to set up Verizon email on your mobile or tablet device.
  • Cannot add word documents or powerpoint files as email attachments.
  • Could not log in to your Verizon account because you forgot the password.
  • Verizon email is blocked by your firewall or antivirus security software.
  • Emails are missing or are deleted from your email folders without authorization.

Some of the issues mentioned above are quite simple and can be resolved using some basic troubleshooting steps. However, there are times when you may come across a particularly complex email error that you do not know how to solve. If you find that your work is affected because of an email error or technical glitch, you can call the Verizon customer support number and ask for help. Skilled email technicians will be able to give you the best solutions to troubleshoot any issue you may encounter on your Verizon email account.


How do I connect my Verizon email account to my iPhone?

Setting up your Verizon account on your iPhone allows you to access your email remotely and stay in touch with your contacts even if you are traveling. The steps to set up your email account may differ based on your iPhone model. You can have a look at the basic instructions given below to set up on your iPhone:

    • Step 1: Open the settings and scroll to ‘Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.’
    • Step 2: Press’ Other’ and select the ‘Add Mail Account’ option.
    • Step 3: Enter your Verizon email account data, including the password.
    • Step 3: Choose your account type (either IMAP or POP3).
    • Step 4: Enter the mail server settings based on your account type.
    • Step 5: Ensure you enter your email and password along with the hostname
    • Step 6: Review all the settings you entered and save the changes.

You must remember to enter the server settings exactly as they appear since the settings are case sensitive. Once you enter all the configuration settings and save the changes, you can restart your iPhone to check if your account is set up. In case you encounter an issue while entering the server settings, you can call the Verizon customer service phone number and ask for additional technical assistance.

Can I access my Verizon email account on Android?

The best thing about Verizon is that it is compatible with different operating systems, including Android and iOS. If you want to be able to access your Verizon account on your Android device, you will need to configure your account using the correct server settings manually. You can have a look at the settings given below to set up Verizon email on your Android mobile phone manually:

    • Account type: POP3
    • Verizon incoming server:
    • Verizon incoming port: 995
    • SSL (security) incoming: SSL
    • Verizon outgoing server:
    • Verizon outgoing port: 465

Regardless of which Android device you use, the server settings for your Verizon email account will be the same. If you have any doubts about the setup steps or if you need clarification about the settings you can call the Verizon customer support number and reach out to a professional email technician to get additional information.

What are the steps to migrate Verizon email to AOL?

Since Verizon has retired its email service, all users are expected to migrate their account to an alternate email service, either Yahoo or AOL. If you are looking to migrate your Verizon email account to AOL you can refer to the steps given below to complete the process:

    • Step 1: Access your Verizon email account using
    • Step 2: Open your inbox and look for an email notification from Verizon.
    • Step 3: Click on the message and go through the migration options listed.
    • Step 4: Option 1 reads ‘Keep your current email address’ and retain the data.
    • Step 5: Another option available reads ‘Try a new email service provider.’
    • Step 6: To migrate to AOL and keep your Verizon email, select ‘Option 1.’
    • Step 7: After you select ‘Option 1’ you can begin the AOL Mail registration process.

Once you have successfully registered your email account with AOL, you can go to the official AOL login page to sign in. When you are logging in you, need to make sure you use your email address and current email password. Following the registration of your email account all your data, including your contact, messages, calendar and so on, will be transferred to AOL Mail.

How to solve Verizon email login issues?

Verizon email login errors can be quite overwhelming mainly because it does not allow you to access your email account. Here are some basic troubleshooting steps you can use to resolve the login problem and regain access to your email account:

    • Step 1: Check your internet connection and reboot your router
    • Step 2: Update your web browser before you open Verizon email.
    • Step 3: Try using a different internet browser to access your Verizon account.
    • Step 4: Be sure to turn off the ‘Caps Lock’ button when typing your password.
    • Step 5: Reboot your computer then re-enter your Verizon login details
    • Step 6: Delete the cookies and clear the cache to increase browser speed.

In case you are still unable to log in to your Verizon email account you will need to implement a more advanced solution to fix the issue. You can call the Verizon customer service phone number and consult an email expert to get additional tech support.

Verizon Customer support

The complexities of email errors can cause unnecessary stress, especially when you find that you cannot solve the problem. However, even if you feel that email technology is not your forte, there is no need to worry because help is always available. Here’s a look at the amazing benefits available to your thanks to Verizon customer support:

    • 24×7 top quality tech support for any Verizon email error.
    • Professional email experts and trained technicians are always available.
    • Easy to understand solutions to troubleshoot complex technical errors.
    • Remote tech support and live chat help to solve errors as soon as possible

So the next time you are struggling to log in to your Verizon account, or you find that some of the email features are not working, just pick up the phone and call the Verizon customer service phone number to fix the problem.